Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seasons of Inspiration

This was an idea that Ian actually came up with last week and I was excited when he suggested it! I was cleaning out my iPhoto albums and I found photos of each of my inspiration wires from the school year. So this is kind of interesting to see how they change from season to season!

They really reflect my moods and the weather don’t they!? Winter is blue and white like the snow, autumn is orange and red with leaves clipped on, etc. I just found that magical. I love to surround myself with inspiring things to keep me happy and motivated. ☺

Would anyone like to see a tutorial on this or is it too obvious? Well anyway, I love my inspiration wires and I recommend that every creative person make one and make whatever space they have, a happy one!



Blue_me said...

I wish I had your kind of imagination & inspiration and was actually able to create some of them... :)

Jessica said...

these are all so cute. very inspiring.