Monday, June 21, 2010

Alexandra Day

If I had one full day with my friend Allie, I would:

Go thrifting somewhere special.


Have a magical photoshoot. (Maybe an engagement session!? Hint*hint, Ben!)

Take her to our amusement park boardwalk and have cotton candy and ride the ferris wheel.

Get matching temporary tattoos. (Or maybe go get REAL tattoos???)

Trade sketchbooks and draw cute things for us to look at later.

Trade charm bracelet charms shaped like our states. :)

Go to the drive-in movie with my dad’s pickup, vintage quilts, and gummi bears.

Make sure she’s coming to my wedding in the fall. :)
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Love that girl. SO special to have such a great pal across the miles.

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Alexandra Rae said...

HEART you! You're the bestest!