Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There are so many things about my childhood that I remember when the summertime comes: playing in our tree house, Nana’s farm, camping with my family every weekend, trips to the pool, Anna’s softball games, painting outside… SO many wonderful memories, but one of my favorite thing about summer was CAMPING!! My mom and dad took us camping literally EVERY WEEKEND of the summer and fall my entire childhood. We went with another family and it was the best times of my childhood. Mom was all about crafts and Dad was all about hiking. :) SO much fun. I have the best parents ever. Here’s some inspiration inspired by summer camps in my childhood!

I loved everything about it:
Fresh Air
Tye Dying Tshirts
our camper <3
Swimming in the lake
Craft time
Sleeping in cabins
Nature Centers
Truth or dare
puppet shows
Flying kites
Power bracelets

We had a Rockwood striped pop up camper and I loved that thing. :) Home away from home!
Enjoy the pretties!

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Anonymous said...

I love the first photo. It makes me want to live there! Sadly, I've never been camping and it sounds like I'm missing out!