Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Playdate Flashback

Has anyone my age noticed that all of our favorite toys from childhood are being re-made and are back in action? I'm not so sure if newer is actually better... but it's still interesting! I had all of these toys when I was a girl and it's very strange seeing them on shelves today!

Littlest Pet Shop


These used to be MUCH smaller, much more plentiful, and much more realistic. I had the big plastic Pet Shop carrying case and everything. My Barbies enjoyed them as pets. :)

My Little Pony


When I was little, I had the My Little Pony beauty salon! I loved styling their mane and tail. Now they're more... "souped up" if you will. Still cute.

Polly Pocket


The whole IDEA of this toy has changed significantly. It used to be a little compact that had it's own little world inside: rooms where a TINY little girl named Polly could hang out. Now, Polly is more like a little rubber doll with interchangeable clothes. No more compact, no more easy portability, no more original Polly.

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite now looks a lot more grown up. She used to be more like a little girl and now she seems like Teenager Rainbow Brite. I saw her on the shelves of Toys-R-Us last week and it was so cool, yet so weird to see Rainbow Brite dolls on the shelves again.

Strawberry Shortcake


I remember having all the original dolls that smelled like their fruits! They were some of my favorite little dolls to take on trips. I even had the villains: Sour Grapes and the Pieman! The new Strawberry Shortcake is sassy and adorable, but not the same as the one I loved as a little girl. I must admit that she's pretty cute though. :)

SO much fun to see things come full circle, especially if it's something that I loved as a little girl!


Carrie Rosalind said...

SO cute! Thanks for doing this fun post - it was neat to see all the changes. My favorite was Polly Pocket - when I saw the new Polly for the first time I was so confused - they are completely different!

Miss Jessica said...

I love this post! It brought back so many great memories. :)

My Barbies enjoyed the Littlest Pet Shop animals as pets, too. ;) I had soooo many Polly Pocket compacts. I would set them all up on our kitchen table as if the Polly's had their own town. And I think I still have them all...packed away somewhere.

And Strawberry Shortcake dolls smelled soooo good. I had the Pieman, too! He was always such a great villain! My favorite doll was one that smelled like cotton candy---she had a blue and pink dress. :)

The childhood toy I played with most though was without a doubt Barbies. My cousins and I played Barbies like there was no tomorrow. And they lived such soap-opera-like lives. :D

eef said...

I think the only one of these toys I really had was My Little Ponies. I had over 100! I still have a few somewhere... I did have a Polly Pocket; they are so different now! Don't like the new ones at all!

Allison Drew said...

Aw, what a sweet post. I LOVED Polly and Strawberry Shortcake. I didn't play with a lot of My Little Pony stuff, but I did watch the show! It was so good.

Emily Mae said...

I had one of those original Littlest Pet Shop sets, but I totally didn't realize until now that those were related to the LPS toys that are out today! Hahaha.