Monday, May 10, 2010

Lover of all things summer

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Got some loves at the moment that are making me crush on summer hard core:

*Maybelline lipsticks: Pinkalicious & Bit of Berry.
*neon corals.
*Nutter Butters.
*The movie Whip It.
*belted dresses. <3
*my ever-growing hair. I'm loving the volume!
*summer oh summer.
*all the lovely books I have waiting to be read.
*eating out on the patio with my family.
*black shirts and studs.
*fashion magazines.
*thrifted Blythe clothes.
*toast with butter.
*supertastic sales at Old Navy.

But above all...
*my supportive families (mine and Ian's both) that have been so fantastic about everything this week. I want to hug you all at once. :) i love you.


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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the bright corals too, am ordering myself a yummy Essie nail polish in a bright coral this weekend :)

Which books do you have on your 'to read' pile?