Monday, May 10, 2010


I moved out of the dorms this past weekend. It was bittersweet. 4 of the best years of my life were spent in the dorms. I met my soon-to-be husband in a dorm room. I just... love the environment, love the convenience, and just love feeling YOUNG. Of course, there are PLENTY of things I'm NOT going to miss but I just wish I knew where my life was headed so I can look forward to a new location to fill with memories. I'll miss it, but I'm on to bigger and better things. One more semester of college left (that will be spent off campus), getting married, and graduating.

A quick shout out to all my roommates:

Lindsey-- Thanks for putting up with all my crying when I was homesick and the icky honeymoon phase of mine and Ian's relationship. Not many people can stomach that quietly. You were lots of fun and my first ever roommate that wasn't my sister.

Erica-- You're one of my BEST friends and I love all the times that we laughed so hard we were crying at 3 AM. Although your living habits are VERRRRY different than mine, you've always been there for me and supported my feminine wiles. Plus we're just meant to be together in what the other girls on the floor nicknamed our room-- the Barbie Dreamhouse. <3

My third roommate... well...I'm not going to mention her. We just won't go there. lol

Kristen-- You're one of the most loyal anf faithful people I've met. You give some of the best advice I've ever heard and you're just an all around cute girl.

So... update on the job front. A lot of people have been asking me about my Old Navy job. Long story short is this: I went to the UNPAID 4 HOUR LONG TRAINING SESSION and realized that not only did I not want to do the job, it made me really uncomfortable. The managers DRILLED DOWN OUR THROATS about badgering people & selling credit cards. They said we were REQUIRED to ask each customer at least 3 times about buying a card & I just WILL NOT badger someone. I simply won't do it. It's rude and in this economy, no one wants credit cards anyway. Also, their morals were questionable because they required me to answer questions that I shouldn't legally have to answer, and their shoplifting policy was bogus. Basically, they don't prosecute shoplifters and I did not feel comfortable supporting that. That particular Old Navy location just did not have their stuff together, couldn't answer my questions, and were just... bad people. So I declined the position and am back on the search. I need a job that I feel comfortable doing, not one where my anxiety is at an all-time high every time I go into work.

SO yeah! That's what going on in the state of Indiana this past week. :)
I hope I'll have more time coming soon to blog it up. I miss you all!


Lucy said...

I mean,
you could always work at the beach again. With me!!
oh ew, what a terrible place!!

Ashley said...

Ha, I remember that photo shoot! :] All of us girls had such a great time!