Sunday, May 16, 2010

Elaine's Top 5 Fashion Must-Haves

So far my summer has consisted of being in the sun, wearing oversize sunglasses and sundresses, reading good books, and watching old movies. I love the glamorous life I'm living right now.... although I really need a job. I've been taking it easy this week because after a few Dr. appointments I got back some not-so-great news (although nothing horrible don't worry) and I'm just taking it all in and soaking in the first few weeks of summertime. On Monday, the job search will be in full swing and hopefully I'll find something wonderful!

In the meantime, my mind has been rolling around in the world of fashion and makeup and I'm working on streamlining my wardrobe. It's tricky because I have so many sides of fashion that I love: quirky, kitschy, neautral, bohemian, big city... the list goes on and on. I'm primarily inspired by the seasons, so I've compiled a list of what I deem the MUST-HAVE looks for this summer:


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Beautiful, warm, summery coral colors. Especially neon corals. new loves.

2. Zippers.

I got this purse here and I love it. Neutral, casual, gray lovely, and zippers. The only things that would make it better is studs.

3. Pretty pink lipsticks.

I've been really into collecting pretty shades from Maybelline's Color Sensational lip color collection. SO pretty. The 3 pictured above are the ones I have. I also have recently gotten a few sheer shimmery shades from CQ.

4. Slouchy sundresses.

I scored this dress at a 50% off clearance sale at Old Navy. $8.00! It's perfect. A basic summer wardrobe staple, perfect for wearing around the house on saturday afternoon. <3

5. Neutrals and basics.

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One of my ultimate goals this summer is to build my wardrobe with basics. I have a lot of statement pieces but not enough staples. I am primarily building up my closet through white, cream, navy, black, and LOTS of gray. I love it, I must say. A pop of color looks fantastic with them too. :)

I hope you enjoyed my review of the top 5 summer must-haves for fashion. What are your favorite looks right now? I'm enjoying experimenting, building my fashion arsenal, and enjoying the sunshine. :)


Anonymous said...

The weather here is not yet slouchy summer dress ready but when it gets there I have a bunch of those dresses in the closet just begging to be worn. Also long flowy skirts with tank tops is my favorite summer wear.

I love summer!! Great list, now I can't wait for summer to finally get here.

Amber Zimmerman said...

Lovin' the list! Makes me want to hit the stores today. :)

Lex said...

Lovely list!

GlaydsJ惠珠 said...

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Ashley said...

I love LOVE that picture of you! :] So pretty!

Alexandra Rae said...

Great list! I hope things are getting better, darling


carly. said...

cute!! corals...good call. also, i scored a really cute dress like that one, stripes...but it was navy blue and strapless but very similar and from old navy too! i love old navy sale section