Saturday, May 29, 2010


Why oh why is when I have a list of ideas awaiting my attention the times when I am the LEAST motivated to work on them!? BLAH. I have a whole list of things that I would love to make if I can JUST find the umph to get started!!!! Inspire me up people, I NEED YOU! Here's some things I want to accomplish soon:

1. FINISH CLEANING MY AWFUL ROOM AT HOME! Oh goodness. Seriously. And tackle some closet organization action like the tips on this post.

2. A photography inspiration workbook.

3. Shorten some vintage skirts I've had hanging in my closet.

4. A carrying pouch for my Fuji Instax.

5. Some pretty drawings in my sketchbook. SOOOOOOOOOON!


6. A cute handmade accessory for my NEW CAR that I love so much. <3

7. Embellished tanks for summer!


8. Some sort of adorable DIY for my readers. I loooove you!

9. Collage and art journaled lovlies to dress up my room at Ian's.


10. A collaboration with someone special. :)

So basically I need to get my butt in gear and get something done over this holiday weekend! Tomorrow we're going to a pancake breakfast in our town and then I plan to get down to business. Now who's with me!?


Alexandra Rae said...

Hurrah for cleaning your closet, the photography inspiration book and most of all, THE COLLABORATION! whoooooo!

Anonymous said...

you can do it! I must clean my room, bathroom, and car this weekend!