Monday, May 24, 2010

Style me up

I'm a girly-girl to a fault sometimes. I looooove doing my hair and makeup and I feel like the summertime is the perfect time to experiment with different styles. I'm not cutting my hair right now because I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in July, so I've been doing a lot of general styling. Here are my 5 very favorite looks for summer:

1. Loose curls paired with a headband. A very good out-of-shower look! Let it air dry in braids or in a twisted ponytail to get loose waves and let down for a romantic look.

2. Loose ponytail with wispy fly-aways. Again, a good quick style that can still look super pretty with the right accessories. I like to pin in a cute bow for personality.

3. Maiden braids. Or pretty much braids of any kind. They just scream summer. If you hair is long, give yourself braided pigtails and wrap them around your head and pin. If your hair is short, try weaving in a tiny french braid around your face.

4. A top knot! Pull all your hair above your head, twist around in a messy way and either pin or wrap a hair band around it to secure. Wrap around a jersey-knit band or vintage scarf for added effect.

5. The bumped, volumized, pony. Probably my VERY FAVORITE because I wear this one a lot. Tease the roots of your hair and spray with hairspray. pull the hair into a bunch at the back of your head and push forward slightly for volume and pin. Sweep the rest of your hair back into a romantic ponytail for a polished, but summery look. Looks cute with a side pony too!

Be brave and experiment different cute looks for your hair this summer. Lots to do and you can't do it with your hair hanging in your face! :)


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Brill. Lovely hair styles!
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