Sunday, April 18, 2010

the do-nothing chronicles

This weekend was a success. Ian said that we weren't doing anything we didn't want to do. This included: covering work shifts, homework, projects, talking to annoying people, putting up with stupid stuff, eating yuck food, etc. It was a weekend COMPLETELY about doing things WE wanted to do and it was GLORIOUS.

*Friday night: fun errands, pizza dinner, rented movie, seeing Leap Year on campus theater, sewing/video games

*Saturday: cleaned our rooms(yes we WANTED to do this. haha), showed my room to freshmen tour groups, lunch with our best friend, flea markets and thrifting for the 3 of us, Noyer Bash(party in our hall), won some prizes, Burger King, movie on TV, Target trip.

*Sunday: breakfast from local bakery, trip to Lafayette to meet both sets of parents, wedding planning, marathon of the Office.

ummmm best weekend ever? probably. <3
Here's a peek of the skirt I made myself Friday night. I decided not to use a pattern and just use my imagination. :)

Also, thrifting was a mild success. Came out with a little vintage fawn figure, vintage dress, and a bubble umbrella. <3 pictures of those soon hopefully.


P.S. Ian's grandma goes in to a specialist tomorrow to get test results back from a spot on her lung. Any prayers you can manage would be much appreciated. Thank you everyone for your thoughts!


Bekah said...

sounds like an amazing weekend. I am so glad!

I will definitely be lifting up his grandma in prayer tonight and tomorrow.

PaperCameraScissor said...

Prayers sent her way!!

I went thrifting with my mom, her friend and my dd over the weekend. I found some pretty great goodies.