Tuesday, March 30, 2010

all of my days

Oh my. My workout yesterday KILLED me. I suppose that's a good thing because I'm nice and worn out and I know that I got in a good workout. :)

Yesterday was really a lot of getting specific chores done that I've been putting off, listening to pretty musics, and just enjoying the almost-there weather. (It's getting warmer!) I put together a March playlist. Check it out:

click on the image to enlarge

I love pretty music. I wish I knew someone that had some She&Him music that I could steal to see if I love it. I'm sure I would. :)

Side Note: I have sent out the email for the swap partners! If there's anyone who signed up for the scrap swap and hasn't heard from me, PLEASE comment and let me know! I know there are a few people who have not heard back from their partners yet!

One last thing, if all of my readers could head on over to Allie's blog and leave her some love, that would be so sweet. She's had an awful day, so any words of encouragement for her would be so so sweet. :)

This was very random. haha But sometimes random is JUST the ticket.


mel said...

hey, yes feel free to repost and link. i should mention, b/c i don't have names of the designers themselves - they are students of lycee de coteaux in cannes, france.
after this visit i was seriously wanting to enroll. sadly the deadline for 10/11 has already passed!

Lindsay said...

I got the email and already sent out my box today!!!! I'm on the ball!!! :D Thanks for putting it together!!