Monday, March 22, 2010

Elaine's Top 10

I decided to do a little top 10 of my favorite daily reads! In no particular order, here are the blogs I can't live without lately:

1. A Beautiful Mess by Elise Flannigan.

Quirky, artistic, and self-confident, she's always my hero. I want to be just like Elsie when I grow up. ;)

2. I Just Might Explode by Kara Haupt.

Between her "fashion faux pas" and "yaypants" worthy messy crafting, Kara has my heart.

3. Miss Scholastic by Jessica.

This is the BEST place to answer all your small space inspiration questions: tiny interior design 101!

4. Hambly Screen Prints.

Tons of DIYS, new product information, and general yumminess in store for Hambly readers--count me in!!

5. Alexandra Rae by Allie Bandy.

She's a fellow design student that loves and lusts after typography as much as I do. <3

6. Freckled Nest by LeAnn Keffer.

When I think of LeAnn, the word that comes to mind is COLOR!

7. Wear Palettes.

This blog offers the most fantastic wardrobe inspiration, color scheme included--like textile art. :)

8. Enjoy it by Elise Blaha.

Carefree style, punchy paper ideas, and charisma by Elise Blaha daily.

9. Redefine Creativity by Alisa Burke.

Although I've already expressed my love for her work, it never hurts to say it again. :)

10. Once Wed.

Some of the most beautiful, magical, and REAL weddings I've ever seen: the cotton candy of creative celebrations.

so there you have it ladies and gentlemen! My favorite daily reads and best inspiration-getters of this internet world. Enjoy perusing the pages upon pages of yumminess! O


Also, PLEASE don't forget to sign up for the Spring Cleaning Scrap Swap in the post below! It's going to be SO much fun, and so efficient for everyone! At least check it out! Sign ups will close Thursday afternoon! <3


ABandGeek88 said...

ELAINE! You make me smile and blush and just be all around SUPER HAPPY. Thank you so much!

Miss Jessica said...

Thanks so much. I'm so flattered that you read my blog. :)

And thanks for posting these---I always love being referred to other blogs.


Anonymous said...

great picks!

mel said...

oooh good list of faves! and some i don't know yet - so i'm off!

Kara said...

damn! thanks for including me!

you rock.