Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feature: Allie Bandy

1. Name: Alexandra/Allie Bandy

2. Age and something about yourself: 21!
A little bit about myself: I'm a junior/senior Visual Communication Technology major (Marketing minor) at Bowling Green State University. I tend to focus mostly in print media and photography, but I'm trying to dabble in some web design. I work for our school paper, the BG News, as a designer. I'm also a Resident Advisor in the dorms, and I love crafting and design!

3. Tell a little bit about your blog and and what kind of artistry you focus on!
My blog started after I started obsessively following blogs like Elsie Flannigan and the rest of the Red Velvet Girls. Then I started Style School, and I wanted someplace to share my projects and my inspiration. My blog is still tiny, with only a few followers, but if I can inspire even a few people with my work, the way others have inspired me, then I'm happy. I would love for my blog to develop into somethings where I can share tutorials and fun things like that-- it's something that I'm working on--a little "secret project" ;-)

I tend to focus mostly on graphic design, but I also love featuring scrap-booking, a small amount of sewing and embroidery, and a lot of inspiration!

4. How would you describe your personal style?
I'm trying to develop my style right now. It's always kind of been all over the place. I like preppy styles, "hippy"/flowy styles, and just things that look pretty in general. I like to shop at stores like Forever 21, Old Navy, Wet Seal...

As far as my artistic personal style, I definetly try to go more for a "whimsy" style. Some may call it childish (::cough my design professor :: cough::) but I really like fun, bright colors, fun fonts, and a little bit of "imperfect" crafting. I also really like clean, straight forward designs. White space is my favorite!

5. What are your current obsessions?
Spring colors! I'm so excited for warmer weather, and to not have to wear dull, gray colors anymore! I'm obsessed with flowing skirts, dresses, and cute flats and sandals! I'm also loving TOM shoes right now. I'm just trying to decide what pair to get!

My boyfriend also says that I'm always obsessed with "bright and shiny things." I always love bright colors, fun patterns, and glitter!

6. What kinds of crafts and hobbies are your favorites?
This is going to sound so cliche, but I love everything! I'm always up for learning new things! I tend to focus most on things like drawing, scrapbooking, painting, Jewelry making, sewing and collages. I'm also learning how to crochet (or trying to, anyways). My major is in the digital arts, so I also love photoshop and graphic design.

7. What/Who inspires you most in your art, wardrobe and home decor?
Bright, happy colors are really inspiring to me.
Some people that inspire me:
Elsie Flannigan: abeautifulmess.typepad.com
Leigh-Ann: frecklednest.com
Jessica Rose: vol25.typepad.com
Rachel Denbrow: racheldenbow.blogspot.com
Elaine Read; (uh... I think you're already reading her blog!)

I also love (like everyone else!) Zooey Deschanel's style.
As far as home decor inspiration.... I really haven't had to worry about that yet!

8. Describe what you do on your perfect day off of work!
Day off work? What's that? Ha! As an Resident Advisor, I never really have a "day off" since I always have to be around the dorms in some way. When I'm actually away from the dorms, or I can have my door closed, I like to spend time relaxing with my boyfriend, Ben (We love watching movies and playing Guitar Hero/Tetris/Scabble), shopping, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, taking walks around campus, going to sporting events (I love BGSU hockey, basketball, football... I love getting dressed up in orange and brown and cheering for my team!), generally surfing the internet/blogs, and of course, CRAFTING! My perfect day would just be a day that I have FREE to do the things I love (see above) without having residents or homework to worry about.

9. What are some style goals or things you want to accomplish?
I would love to have my own online class, I would love to be able to open an etsy shop, I would LOVE to learn how to make granny squares (and remember! People keep teaching me, and I'm just not catching on!), and I would LOVE to be able to finish projects in a timely manner :-)

10. If you lived in another decade, what would it be?
Oh, this is always one of the hardest questions to answer... I love so many things about so many decades. I would love to live in like, the 1600s because of the castles and pretty dresses, I would love to live in the 1920's for the fun "flapper" style and fun, and the clothes of the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's always inspire me. I think I would adapt to any decade!

11. Tell us anything about yourself that you think is pretty cool. :)
Uh.. Random facts about me: I was born without a thyroid gland, and I can completely flip my tongue all the way over! (Completely upside down!)

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