Monday, March 22, 2010

The Great Registry Adventure

Ian and I created wedding registries at Macy's and Target this weekend. It was a TON of fun to run around and pick out all the awesome stuff for our future home. loveloveLOVED it! We got to use the little scan guns which was SUPER fun actually! haha

We chose a lot of really nice stuff for our home and officially picked out colors for the different rooms! We're doing teal, green, and hints of purple in our bedroom, and we're doing green, yellow, and some orange in the bathroom. Here's a picture of the AWESOME shower curtain I picked out for us! I'm so freaking EXCITED about it! Like, there could NOT be a better shower curtain for Elaine Read. :) I just hope it's not a seasonal thing, because I would be CRUSHED if it were gone before I got it as a gift. :(

We're doing a little forest theme in our bathroom and I can't wait to find a cute little vintage squirrel figure to put in there. :)

Also, we made our first OFFICIAL purchase for the apartment: A LIBERTY OF LONDON COMFORTER SET! I am SO smitten with our comforter and I'm SO glad we were able to snag one for our future home! IN LOVE!

There are hints of mustard in there too to make for a really fun color combo. :)

Our living room is going to be based around this quilt that we're sitting on that my mom made me this summer:

There are some AWESOME bright reds, muted greens, and periwinkle in there. I'm in love with the combination and I think it will give our home a very bright and sunny feel! :)

All of this registering fun was almost TOO much fun. Now all I want to do is move into the apartment as soon as possible and set up our life together. It's going to be tough getting started, but I think it's going to be SO much better than what we've experienced so far and that makes me really really excited!


Also, PLEASE don't forget to sign up for the Spring Cleaning Scrap Swap in the post below! It's going to be SO much fun, and so efficient for everyone! At least check it out! <3


Miss Jessica said...

So exciting and looks like so much fun! I love that shower curtain--way cute! And I, too, am smitten with Target's Liberty of London line. I got ridiculously giddy when I laid eyes on all of those beautiful floral patterns.


alexandrarae said...

That shower curtain is GORGEOUS! I love it!

Allison Drew said...

ooooh girl! That's the shower curtain I have in my bathroom! I love LOVE it! Also, I'm coveting you're comforter set. So cute. Target is the place to be, man.

Lindsay said...

wow! I love love the shower curtain! So pretty! I bet you guys had a ton of fun! Registering is always exciting :) Hope you have a great week! Can't wait to see who my partner is for the scrap swap :)

Jennifer said...

ahh I remember registering! it was a total blast. :) glad you had funn!

Lucy said...

Ah! Your shower curtain is amazing!!

Jamie said...

Love the shower curtain! Your little future home sounds adorable! Can't wait to see pics and all the beautiful colors!

Jessica said...

that is cute shower curtain! looks like you two had a lot of fun in the store, hehe.

mel said...

love all the stuff that you picked!
you're going to have a beautiful space (and a lot of fun opening presents)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I have to say Target is the place to shop!! I heart almost everything they carry. I am head over heels for the Liberty line.

Your apartment is going to be so cute and so you guys!!

favoraunt said...

Like the forest outdoorsy bathroom. Guys do love to pee outside!