Saturday, March 27, 2010

DIY: Spring Pinwheel

*desired width of felt or fabric

Step 1

measure your fabric or felt to the desired width. It needs to be a square, so you can really do any size. I chose to do a happy size of 3.5" square. :) Mark with a pen and cut out.

Step 2

Pin your cut piece to your other piece WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Use your first piece as a template to cut out the second or just cut it to the same size.

Step 3
Sew around the outside of your square. I used a machine to do this step, but if you don't have a machine, you can hand sew. :)

Step 4

Cut from each corner to ABOUT the center leaving a little space in the middle to pin your flaps. Make your piece look like this:


Step 5

Go back and sew down the side of each little flap to secure your material in place.

Step 6

Fold down every other little flap creating your pinwheel shape and sew them all in place in the center. I piled the flaps on top of each other and just sewed right through. With the materials I used, it wasn't hard at all to sew through by hand. After doing this, add a festive button in the center as the pinwheel's "fastener." so cute!

Step 7
Attach your little pinwheel to a hair clip, inspo wire, scrapbook page, gift, or use as another accessory! I decided to pin mine on to a vintage picnic basket purse!

Can't wait to see what you do with this! Link me up if you decide to make something cute! Enjoy the rest of your creative weekend!


lizzie said...

i love it! i'm so going to have to make one for my purse!

Bekah said...

oh my gosh! this is amazing! I need to make one stat! I think I may paint a little tomorrow! :)

Britta said...

I love it and set a link to your post on my blog - hope that´s ok for you...

from Germany :o)