Friday, March 26, 2010

Artist Showcase: Kenneth Noland

I've decided to another type of posting feature called "Artist Showcase." I think this will be an "every now and then" thing about a deceased artist or historical museum-dwelling artist. :) The first one in the series is Kenneth Noland.

Noland is one of my favorite contemporary/abstract artists. He was one of the best known American Color Field Painters ever. He makes me want to sit on the side of the road and just draw bars of colors for all the colors I see. :) He's famous for his circles, squares, and basic lines.

I'm a personal fan of what I like to call his "Chevron" pieces. Most of his square works are displayed on point like a diamond and the stripes make a chevron pattern that I just love.

Here's a drawing I did in my sketchbook over Spring Break when I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art:

This is his piece called "South." I couldn't find an image of it online to show, but it's a lot of reds, pinks, and creams. Really gorgeous.

A lot of Rachel Denbow's work reminds me of his. Very geometric. Clean lines. Bold and Colorful.

Sadly, Kenneth Noland died of cancer on January 5, 2010. His work is in galleries and museums all over the world! His geometric designs and large bands of color make wonderful inspiration pieces. :)

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Nicole said...

I went to IMA recently, and that same exact piece caught my eye! I think it was probably my favorite that day. It was nice to read about your appreciation of it as well!