Wednesday, February 10, 2010

spring cleaning

One of my Style School goals was so streamline my wardrobe and focus on the style that I really love. I have donated several bags of things to charity, passed some on to my sister, and am now in the process of making the final pass to "weed out" the old and slowly bring in new Spring pieces. Here is some inspiration and a list of new things I would like to incorporate into my wardrobe! (*side note: I can't WAIT for the weather to get warm so I can wear skirts again!*)

1 2 3 4
pretty knitted scarves
silk scarves
shirt dresses

5 6 7 8
high-waisted skirts
wide belts
some gray "peter pan boots"
a heart locket

9 10 11 12
jewel tone clutches
a handmade peacock feather hair accent
flats in more colors
a cute haircut haha

13 14 15 16
trouser shorts
maybe some lightweight leg warmers
indian inspired things
ruffle accent tops
lots of PEACH and GRAY things *love*
floral floral floral!
some tams in pretty colors

i love fashion and I'm SOOOO excited for Spring and i can't wait for the next few paychecks so I can thrift like crazy for these things! What are you hoping to wear this springtime?


kassi said...

Cute inspiration photos. I love your choices!

Thank you for picking a photo of mine. ^.^

naomuack said...

aw,cute outfits ! :D
good choice <3

a cat of impossible colour said...

Thanks for using a photo of mine, Elaine, that's very kind of you!

Andrea xx

PaperCameraScissor said...

I am loving that blue dress in the second set of photos.

I have been wanting a pair of gray boots for ever. I just have not found what I am really loving.

I have looked every where for a huge heart locket for my dd. She wants a BIG one and it has to be silver..any suggestions?
I love the feeling of cleaning out my closet don't you?
tfs-- have an awesome Wednesday

Lindsay said...

cute outfits!!! I am just hoping to be able to wear flip flops and tanks again :)

Vanessa said...

WOW such great inspiration pieces! a few of those are on my list too

lauren winter said...

yay, thanks for including my picture! I love the inspiration of it all.

Elaine said...

Thanks for including my picture! And look at that..we have the same name!!!! :)

Miss Jessica said...
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Miss Jessica said...

I love these. So much inspiration.

I adore dresses/skirts with black and colored tights.