Sunday, February 7, 2010

end of weekend updates

Well peeps-- here's a summary of my weekend:

1. battled SERIOUSLY awful flu/cold/sinus stuff since Thursday night. It's still going on and I still don't feel very well, but I tried to make the most of my weekend.
2. Friday night Ian, Tori and I battled the snowstorm and went to town to retrieve some cold medicine, cough drops, and a quick thrift trip too. Tori found me the BEST thermos to add to my collection: an Aladdin woodgrain!!! I die!

photo via etsy
3.Ian and I watched the Office on Netflix pretty much all night while making various craft forms. I made this awesome wire glasses pendant and Ian carved me a ring out of wood. <3 Best fiancé ever? Probably. :) PLEEEAAAASE leave him some love about the ring! He's willing to do custom orders for etsy! (and really excited about it!)

4. Saturday morning we slept until...uhhh... NOON! ah! But well worth it because I was still sick. I made some new Prize Ribbon Brooches for my etsy shop, Craftcake Designs. They're WAY cute and I even made one for myself and my new vintage makeup case I scored:

5. Overall I just got to spend a lot of time with this gorgeous man:

Altogether, I feel that it was a pretty good weekend. My room is clean, my bag is packed, outfit is layed out, homework is done, and I'm all ready to start a new week this week. Go team.


iheartsmiles said...

the part im droolin over most is the sleepin till noon part! Sounds like a fab weekend all together!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

WOW!! You had a pretty great weekend beside being sick.

Love your cute pics of yourself. I would say Ian is a keeper. A man to my own heart that can make cute cute rings!!

I will be checking out your etsy--:D

Lindsay said...

wow great weekend. That wooden ring is so pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

those ribbon pins are so cute!
How much would a plain wooden band cost?

karen kraft said...

i want a wood ring!