Wednesday, February 3, 2010

say that you love me

Evening! Or should I say good morning? It's technically 1:33 AM here. haha
I'm a little bummed out because I spent about 3 hours tonight making this awesome intricate hair piece that now won't stay in my hair. Either the comb isn't big enough, or the piece is too puffy/heavy but i tried EVERYTHING to get it to stay and no dice. Does anyone else have "off days" like that where no art-related thing seems to work out? Grrrrr.

Anyway, to brighten the rest of my night, I decided to post some yum-yum Valentine inspiration! UGGGGGHHH I can't WAIT until Valentine's Day and i REALLY need to figure out what I'm getting for Ian! Any awesome ideas to get for a completely nerdy fiancé???

Well here's some loves for you all! I want to see your Valentine cards and inspo too! Enjoy!

+Valentine treats!

+heart name garland by one of my favies: JANEL!

+love embroidery.

+cute kitschy art

+paper hearts.

+Elsie's celebrity Valentine tutorial.

+All Mighty Boston heart shirts!

+Lisa Rupp's February calendar FREE download!

+cute letterpress cards!

+XO skirt from RVA!

Off to dreamland. <3


PaperCameraScissor said...

Isn't there cuteness all around? I just love Janel's garland. I have little project like that coming along.

I also tried to do Elsie's Valentines but mine do even come close to looking like that--:( I think i will try again.

I have other projects I am doing for LOVE day.

I hope you can figure out how to fix your hair clip.

Cat said...

love all the pretty stuff! I feel like Valentine's day is approaching way to fast! I still have lots to get done!


iheartsmiles said...

sweet post! And YES I have days like that as well...I usually run into problems when I don't have that ONE thing to finish a project! You know what I mean...frustrating! As for a gift for your geeky fiance??? Hmmm how about this???