Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm an organizer baby

Sing that post title to the tune of "womanizer" by Britney. k thanks.

Alright so i know that because of the new year, people are desperately vowing to GET ORGANIZED! I never make that promise because I'm soooooo organized... to a fault really. Everything has it's place. :) Today I just wanted to share some snapshots of my dorm and the way I organize different parts of my life. This will be mostly pictures so you don't have much reading to do. :)

*my jewelry is stored in a giant closet hanging organizer. This is a very teensy tiny percentage of what I actually have, but these are the ones I bring to school.

*some of my very favorites are stored on this cute mint lunch tray and I have an armoire jewelry box for my nice jewelry (AKA all my tiffany's etc.)

*my bows and soft headbands are stored on the backside of the closet organizer.

*glasses are displayed on this cute mint hanger. <3

*I'll admit i still have NO GOOD WAY to store hard headbands and stretch bands. ideas???

*i do what most people do and keep scrapbooking pens (but not ALL of them), Sharpies, and paintbrushes in Ball jars and vintage mugs. Not too exciting but still cute.

*ribbon is a MUST for me on layouts, so I keep a cute bin close at hand. I have misc ribbon wrapped on plastic cards, big rolls remain on the roll, and tiny scraps are tied onto a binder ring and hung on a hook.

*my paints are in a similar bin because I like to have them out where I can see them. <3 all bins purchased at Goodwill!

*my tiny clippings and things that I save for art journaling are organized by color in baseball card protectors in a binder. It's seriously the BEST thing ever because everything is there in its place where you can find it and get inspired!

*bigger clippings, full pages, and original art that needs to be saved goes into an expanding file and sorted by category.

*this is my TRAVEL scrap bag. I have another one that's smaller too. These are things I take with me to college or to crops. I don't have much room in the dorm, so this will have to do for now. I also have my zutter, another travel tote, a HUGE paper organizer, and my cricut.

*cute little scrap paper scraps are put into this big plastic envelope. I use a lot of tiny scraps for art journaling, so I can find them quickly in here.

well I hope that helps someone out a little bit with their resolution! Comment if there's something else in my room that you'd like to see! I'd be happy to takes requests for blog post topics this weekend too! Ask me anything and request anything!


Jamie said...

I love it! I'm going to have to use some of these ideas!! Great post, Elaine!!!!

Anonymous said...

For headbands, there are lots of DIY tutorials out there for a fabric covered paper towel roll that you then just stick your headbands onto. I think it's pretty darn clever, and you could probably put it on a paper towel holder if you wanted it a little more stable.

Allison Drew said...

If I only I could be as organized as you...

Cat said...

you are super organized, I love it! I'm only half that organized! For you headbands I would say something like a round oatmeal container covered in paper or fabric would probably work. I've been thinking of making one for my headbands. I love your hanger idea for your glasses, I'm going to do that!!


Lindsay said...

I am very serious when I say organization is the way to my heart :) lol I LOVE LOVE this post it makes me super happy!!!! you have awesomely cute stuff too!!

iheartsmiles said...

You go girl!!! I wish I was as organized as you!!!

Megan said...

That was a great post! I love how your random scraps are organized in the card protectors! very cute!

Heather said...

I love seeing how people organize...very inspiring for someone who throws things all around my room and hope I can find them again. I'd love to see some more layouts or albums you've done--seeing what other people come up with is always fun as a scrapper. :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I totally love the baseball card holder idea--going to steal that for sure. thanks so much for posting.

Vee said...

love they way you have everything organized, super cute and functional! :)

Melissa said...

love the ways you organize! the baseball card holders is a great idea! esp color coordinated, thanks!

ABandGeek88 said...

I no longer have any excuses for not being organized. My main one was " I live in a dorm room, it's impossible." Ha! You just disproved that! Thanks for the big push of encouragement and inspiration!!