Monday, February 1, 2010

Manifesting the seasons

My current quest is to manifest springtime. :) I really really really want it to be warm! I've put efforts in the past few days to really make my life very warm and comforting, like a spring hug. :)

I bought a new candle for the candle warmer in our dorm. I got the Yanlee Candle Beach Party and it smells SOOOOOO good! Like a mixture of warmth, sunscreen, and ocean breeze.

I've also been brightening up the room with pretty colors and wearing gorgeous vintage florals. :) They're just so girly and quirky. love!

I got this cardigan at Goodwill this week, took the buttons off, and sewed on new pretty ones. I've been streamlining the wardrobe, trying to make it very... me. I know that sounds silly, but so much of the clothes I have, I don't even wear! So I've been purging, donating things, and just...make it more cohesive. It feels good to simplify and get rid of things that I truly won't use.

Been doing a little art journaling too which is unheard of since about July! Pretty spring colors:

In other news, my Fuji Instax came today! I about DIED! So much fun!

I'm excited to take all sorts of fun little pictures! New favorite hobby I think. It needs a name though. I'm thinking Wynn. What do you think?

OH!!!! Everyone should go check out my mini Valentine's etsy update too! I put in a few new things this weekend including some cute fun soft bangles!

alright. Out for the night. Hopefully back for some Valentine's inspiration tomorrow afternoon!


Bekah said...

oh my gah. those bangles are to die for. so gorgeous. Plus, that flower cardi is amazing! I feel the spring radiating from you!!!!

How's your daily wii play working out?

<3 B

Miss Jessica said...

Candlewarmers are the way to go (in dorm rooms)! And Yankee candles always smell so good.

I love your sweater! The bright colors and floral patterns in this post have me yearning for springtime. :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Another cute outfit! I love seeing what you are wearing. Cute bracelets! I will have to check out your Etsy again.


Lindsay said...

wow I love your outfit! Your journaling pages are awesome!! Great job!!

killerxkim said...

instax looks like fun!
plus those braids are prettyyyy too!


Rosa said...

I ordered my Instax a few weeks ago and got mine this weekend. I love, love, loooooove it! I almost want to start a Flickr group for it!

Elle Moselle said...

You are so adorable :). I love your sense of style and that you shop at Goodwill. I do too ^_^! I really enjoy your art journaling idea too. I've never tried doing that before so perhaps I'll give it a shot.

<3 Best!!

Melissa said...

your art journaling and bangles are so great!

carly. said...

you look really really pretty. i love that cardigan and am loving florals lately as well!

love ♥

kellie said...

love your blog, love your style! you are just the cutest! :)