Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Soooo I know this is a sensitive topic for some. People either love them or hate them I feel like. Well personally i LOVE them! I think they're so pretty and creative and just inspiring that it can turn into a new hobby! I love it. I wanted to do an inspiration post about my wishes for a pretty blythe! <3 If you really hate Blythes THAT much to stop reading this post, then do so now. :)

Blythes were first created in the 70s. Many photographers and artists had them to practice photographing in different lighting conditions or locations. There are so many different types of dolls you can get ranging from the originals to several types of replicas. There are also tons of customizations you can do on your doll as well like changing her hair, her eye chips, and sanding her face to make it easy to photograph! I want to be a collector so much because I think it would be a really cute and fun hobby!

Pretties. Ooooooo I want one so much!

Holly's cupcake lover, Talula!

Elsie's little cutie family. love*love!

cute knitted accessories! AHHH!

Mini indie girls.

Prettttttty hair and eyechips!

adorable customizations

ADORABLE dollhouse creations

travel Blythe

cutes cutes cutes.

I always daydream about thrifting one day and finding an original amongst the Barbies. :)

You can see TONS more photos of cute Blythes HERE!
***If the photos aren't credited, it's because I do not know the original source! Please forgive!


Lucy said...

these are absolutely adorable!!! ah, i want one too!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I think they are cool and cute. I wouldn't mind having one but not sure what I would do with it.

Good luck on your search--:D

Lindsay said...

I think Blythe dolls are super cute!!! Maybe one day I will have one! I would prolly just stickhere on my window sill to hang out with all my pandas, LOL :)