Friday, January 8, 2010

make do make do

i REALLY need to CRAFT! I need to get back on the wagon of religiously making things like I used to. I want to be creative and rarin to go! Sometimes I feel like all I do anymore is take pictures which is all well and good, but I want to actually MAKE things and have a product at the end. Do you know how many art journal pages I've made since school started?


that's embarrassing. I have a page in my drawing book where I've drawn out crafty goals and I would really LOVE if I could complete some of these soon!

to make:
1. new camera strap cover
2. DIY snow globe
3. wooden pendant 1/2 way done!
4. bunting
5. crocheted headbands/cuffs

6. a big crafty headband with a headpiece of some kind
7. Elsie's Snow Day hat tutorial

8. work on my granny square blanket
9. do my sock monkey/elephant kit
10. hat for my bear
11. redecorate the dorm a little?

that's lots of stuff. and I feel like once school starts on Monday I'm going to have NO TIME to do them. :(
C'est la vie. How do you all make time for crafting so much? I feel like all I do is class, work, homework, exercise, and eat meals. No time for anything else. :( Maybe that will be better this semester.

So what are you all working on right now? Send me some inspiration and motivation!


Jeannie said...

I feel ya on the school/crafty time. I also work every day of the weekend. :( Mostly, I get my HW done and studying done in the library. That way I'm completely focused and get stuff done WAY faster! Then I go home and I have way more time to get crafty! Good luck this semester! :)

Lindsay said...

Hey this is Lindsay (we chatted last night!) Love your blog! I went from having nothing to do to completely jam packed, I'm making cute treaure boxes and getting ready for a V-day swap (you should check out and sign up if your interested, on my blog) and also Style School is tomorrow!! Hope we become great friends!!

amy lapi said...

yay! get crafty! :)

Cat said...

Hey Elaine! This is Cat from the chat last night! I have the same feeling of never having enough time to craft. I don't work but staying home with a toddler who wants to help with everything isn't very helpful haha! I'm adding your blog to my reading list :) Feel free to check me out


carly. said...

just a typo i put elsies 'hate' tutorial, lol