Monday, November 30, 2009

hit me like a ton of bricks

that it's almost DECEMBER! Holy Moses! I guess I didn't really realize how much it was creeping up on me! I have so many gifts to make for family members and I'm hoping I can get them all done. I wish I could enlighten you on what said projects are, but I have an aunt and a sister that creep over here and see what I'm up to sometimes. :]
Hi Auntie!!!

anyway. Thanksgiving was pretty much fantastic. I spent it with my future in-laws and then went home for the remainder of the weekend. I got back to school yesterday around... 3:00 and I got a LOT done in the world of Elaine!

Ian convinced me to stop at this little Antique Mall yesterday on our drive back to school and I'm SO glad we did! I found the CUTEST little fawns in that store! Totally vintage and totally adorable.

They are sprinkled around my room and I'm excited for them to become a favorite of mine to incorporate. I love this photo that incorporates fawns into their kitchen:

courtesy of bleubirdvintage!

I have already placed one of the deer in my new sink display I created last night:

Been working on several small projects lately too:

namely granny squares (getting ready to start a blanket), Style School homework and drawing, but I also had time to make these FUN decals for my mac out of contact paper:

I cut the shapes out of woodgrain contact paper. Normally I'm a hater of people putting stickers on their laptops, but since contact paper is flexible and easily removed, I made an exception. I was inspired by this on flickr!

I also got to draw a LOT over Thanksgiving break which was nice. It was great to have unlimited amount of time to just stop and draw if I wanted to. Some of my faves from the week:

I'm feeling very inspired this week! I want to hurry and get all my work done so I can make some fun projects and finish Christmas gifts! I'm trying to make sure i STAY inspired too, so I'm having a blog immersion program on myself this week. ;) Here are some inspirations of mine at the moment:

*pretty holiday decor post from janel

*instant photo projects from Elsie

*drawing book ideas (idiosyncraticamy)

*pretty holiday cards (Genvieve vev)

alright. I need to rock out this week, so I'm off to cross more lovlies off my LIST! Back so so soon! *promise!*



Jamie said...

Loove all this inspiration! I always love seeing your drawings! You are so talented and brilliant!

The Coconut Shack said...

Lovin' all your projects and your inspiration. I just started my Style school homework too :) Love your drawings!

Genevieve said...

Aww, thanks for lovin' my little card! :) Your blog provides me with lots of inspo too, good luck with getting all your projects done this month, it's so crazy how fast it's all going!!

Lucy said...

It is always hard for me to find anything great about Anderson, IN.

I'm impressed. =)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Great post! love your drawings and inspiration for the holidays. Cute deers--great find!!

I was at target and thought of you. They have these little trees in the 1.00 sec but think they are 2.50. they have pink, silver ,blue and other colors I can't think of right now. Would look so cute in your room. They are shiny like the vintage silver ones.

thanks so much for your inspiration

Heather said...

Hi!! I don't think I ever said congratulations about your engagement. So, CONGRATS! I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of holiday crafts you've got going on. I'm working on a granny square blanket too! Can't wait till it's done. :)

Miss Jessica said...

Hello! First of all, I'd like to say that you have a lovely blog--there's so much creativity and inspiration going on. :)

Secondly, I love those little fawns. I have a little fawn just like the one you put on the milkglass cakestand with your perfume. Such a darling little deer. I bought it at an antique store for a buck. :D

And lastly, I featured your blog and some of your photos over at my blog.

Have a great weekend!

Cherry Runway said...

Your journals are awesome!!

I love your drawings. :)