Tuesday, November 24, 2009

only got 100 years to live

It's finally done! My 23 before 23 list! I've been putting a lot of thought into it this time around. Here's the final list and the goals that made the cut:
Please click to enlarge!

Last year I had 3 things to go on my list. :[ I felt sad that I wasn't able to finish it completely, but I felt that it's a stage in my life and i just need to try harder this time around! I'm intending to complete EVERYTHING on this list this coming year! I'm so excited for some of them. Mostly they're just things that I've been wanting to do and things that will give my life a little spice. I will give you updates on this list as the year goes on. :]

I'm planning a bigger post tomorrow....well...TODAY i guess. haha I have to work MY shift at the desk, and shifts for 2 other people. We're talking 9 whole hours sitting stagnant at a desk in my dorm. Fun stuff! But I can blog and crochet and do all sorts of fun things, so I will be chained to my Twitter all day! follow me (keread) to hear all my fun desk stories tomorrow!


Bekah said...

oh yay. I'm so glad you finished it. It sounds like an amazing list!

PaperCameraScissor said...

great picks for your to do list before you are 23.

amy lapi said...

i am so happy for you + your list!! :)

Heather Jo said...
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Heather Jo said...

What would we do with out lists?! :o)