Friday, October 9, 2009

omg shoes

ok so I never thought I would say this but....I think I'm getting addicted to shoes.

I used to never see the appeal: they're at the bottom of your outfit, no one really sees them if they're looking at your face, you walk on them on the dirty ground and they get worn out in like a year. I just didn't get it. But I have SEEN the light. They're at the tippy toe of your outfit. They COMPLETE the ensemble. Only people that really appreciate good taste and sensibility will appreciate them. :] They worship the ground you walk on...literally. gahhhh.

Latest shoe obsessions:
*T-strap pumps
*bright flats
*socks with heels
*cutie socks that GO with shoes. Mmm.

I bought these today:

ohhhhhh how I love T-strap pumps. Ugh I want to have ones in every color. Ultramarine Blue, gray, tan, mustard, forest green, yessssss.
They have another color selection online that I want:

I love the tan ones.
Target has SOOOO many cute option right now:
these neon flats

cute little pointy toe flats

little things I like to call Peter Pan ankle boots

Also seeking a good vintage pair of these oxford heels

Other fashiony must haves at the moment are:

SOCKS WITH HEELS!!!! oh absolutely.

square scarves

very girly dresses

found here

floral skirts

found here and here and here.


this is SOOOO cute!

rustic patterns

I also bought these:

I want some in more colors. I also got some black lace textured tights too. <3

*sigh* i love clothes.
what are you wearing this month?


Bekah said...

hey love. omg. I almost bought those "peter pan ankle boots" the other day. I settles for some flats that were on clearance for $8.00 instead, since i ruined my other flats. (I scraped them across the concrete on accident.)

My current fashion obsession is vintage skirts and dresses. <3 esp. the ones you can spin around in.

I ADORE SHOES, and the ones you bought are fabulous. :)


life_love_art said...

I'm wearing anything that'll keep me warm! Geesh, it's been cold recently.
Seriously, I admire your sense of fashion. I wish I had enough energy to care more about what I put on my body every day.

Carrie said...

i love it all I went thrift shopping this weekend and everything i bought was plaids and skirts. Love the socks now we need every color!

redoaklines said...

omg great great great great pics!!!! love it all!