Wednesday, October 7, 2009


oh dearie me, it has been QUITE a week! The proposal really threw my life for a tailspin and I've been floating ever since Thursday night. I can't believe it's already been a week! So since the big night of the engagement, we have:

.....decided on colors!

Ian and I decided on a deep plum and a light mango color. Maybe a few splashes of berry and silver accents. We were inspired by an article we saw in Brides magazine:

(That's really not a great scan of the flowers because of the pink background...)
But I just know its going to be magical and warm and a beautiful celebration.
We haven't decided on a date yet. We're waiting to do that a few months down the line, but we're shooting for June 2011. It sounds like a really long way away, but since its almost 2010 right now, we figured we could enjoy our engagement for a few months. :] Aside from that, we decided on a minister, a videographer, 2 choices for photographer, a pianist, the overall style of our wedding, and our wedding party!

I'm really going to try not to talk TOO much about the wedding, because I know that can get annoying after awhile, but trust me, I'm going to have lots to say about it. It's going to have a very handmade feel and be positively WONDERFUL. I found this recently too and fell in love:

So what are your thoughts? I need some wedding inspiration! If you have any awesome wedding/wedding photography/bride blogs or websites, I need to know about it! Please share! :]

In other news, I have a few things I've been working on too! I did a painting for a girl in my building. She loves the Sick Puppies and penguins and asked me to paint her something of my own.

I really love how it turned out. It's one of those paintings that you just hate to part with. :] BUT! I AM super excited because this week the major cutie Janel and I are doing a painting exchange! I've been needing something like this! :] YAY!

Also, here's a peek of a painting I started the night I got engaged! I started it a few hours BEFORE Ian proposed and have yet to finish it. Notice that the clouds do a little foreshadowing with the diamond look! haha and to think i had NO idea...

Plusss here's some images from the couple portrait session I shot this past weekend too. *gorgeous*

It was a lot of fun for sure. <3

Wellll I know this wasn't much, but its better than being MIA, yes? Remember--link me up to wedding magic!
<3 you all!


Jeans said...
is a must read. it's one my friend's sisters, and its super cute. :)

Lehua Ruble said...

you guys are so cute!
congrats on your engagement.
i'm getting married soon, so i feel the stress/excitement.

let me know if you need any good wedding inspo blogs!

Lehua said...

send me your email. our are you on twitter?

Carrie said...

Congrats! Very cute couple ♥

Carrie said...

sorry they are a cute couple great pictures! You are cute too :)

chelseybell. said...

sooo i'm probably going to buy your gray sea knitted bow/headband.

because it's adorable.

congratulations on your engagement. i really like the colors you chose.

chelseybell. said...

forget that. totally just bought it.