Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mmm Mmm Cute

oh my I've abandoned my dear blog for way too long. I've been sick for the past few days and Hall Fruit Breezer cough drops have become my best friends.

First of all, please note the new BLOG DESIGN!!!! Heck yes! I made the header and tabs on the way home from Tennessee. I keep jumping around to different blog titles, trying to find one that fits. This one's inspired by a favorite Chris Merritt song. Let me know what you think about the new deisgn!!!

I went to Tennessee for a little wedding reception excursion last weekend which was really fun. While I was there I was able to get a quick photoshoot in with my cousin:

she's a natural.

It was a fun trip. :]

A LOT of things going on here at school I feel like. Lots of work stuff, homework, quizzes to study for, and errands everywhere.
All I've wanted to do the past few days is make things. Why is it that when you have your most creative thoughts, you're somewhere that you can't capitalize on them? Grrr.

Well here's some things that are inspiring me this week:

+merit badges

+vintage Alice bow

+Alee & Press

+this pretty girl's art journal pages

+this tutorial. <3

+white painted pumpkins

+cutie invite

4 day weekend to come! I'll be at work a lot and trying to multi task with school. I also have an engagement session to shoot on Saturday which should be funfunfun!

Hopefully by Sunday I'll have some fun art stuff to share for crying out loud! haha
<3 to everyone!


Anonymous said...

oooo..i love the new layout.
&& those embroidered feathers are uber cute!

Anonymous said...

yay. you blogged again. I have been waiting! :) I am a failure too, because I haven't filmed a video yet. I'm trying to upload the pages for organizing photos to my website first. p.s. It's still not finished and is in disarray, but it's up.
I love the new layout. it's so fabulous.

<3 B

Amber Zimmerman said...

Very cool blog design! Love the headers and the font and the colors. Love it all! Are those ugg mocs you have on there? If so I am jealous. . .been trying to get my hands on some. Hope you feel better soon. . .my girls have a bug but I'm crossing my fingers that it's not H1N1. Have a wonderful weekend! =)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I wondered where you have been...:)
so happy to see you are well.
Love the photo shoot and the cute shoes!