Monday, October 26, 2009

autumn in motion

Hello all! I promised a certain someone a post last night, but this girl is so sick and just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. Here's the promised post choc full of important la dee da:
(it's gonna be a long one--watch out)

Here's a painting I've been working on for a loooooong time. I started this painting around 6:00 October 1, 2009. I wasn't able to finish it b/c I had a party to go to. Later that night, I got engaged. :] I thought it was ironic that I had painted diamonds in the clouds before I even knew I was getting a ring. This painting took a change of artisitc view after that. :] Now...its finished. <3

I think it's AWESOME how closely the color scheme resembles the one Janel painted me! Janel: I loooooove the painting and the one I made and the one you made are going to make an awesome engagement set hanging together. <3

Did my first project for the autumn is love class aside from the journaling prompts! I made the duct tape journal! I decided to keep this to hold all of my photography clients and dates in.

I used this cute little elephant paper and I can't for the LIFE of me remember which brand it is.... S*e*i??? cuteness none the less.

I executed my Guerilla Art Adventure today! It was on my list of 22 Things to do Before I'm 22 and i got it DONE! For my guerilla art, I hand picked leaves that had changed and fallen around my building, wrote messages on them in Sharpie, and tucked them into library books and left them on shelves. It was SO much fun to do and its awesome to know that little messages and pieces of my art are tucked away waiting to be discovered. <3

Cross THAT one off the list! Everyone should try Guerilla Art. It's SO much fun. :]

On Sunday, I re-vamped my inspiration wire! I love doing this. Honestly, probably one of my favorite tasks to do to spruce up my room and make me happy. haha I replaced the images I had up before with new photos, real autumn leaves, and pretty fall colors and pictures.

See my flickr to view credits of each piece.

Here are some images from the engagement session I did on Saturday. It was cold, windy, and rainy, but the couple is ADORABLE and they made the pictures bright. <3 I'm so happy for Ben and Abi! See my flickr set for more.

ok, well that's all for now. I hope this filled your cup of inspiration for the day. If anyone has any brilliant ideas for things that I can add to my "23 Things Before 23" List, PLEASE let me know! My birthday is in 5 days and I need to complete my list!



Anonymous said...

your pictures are gorgeous!

Jeans said...

give a stranger card! :)

(make a card, write a little note inside, hand it to someone, and walk away.) it's fuunnnnnn!

PaperCameraScissor said...

love your paintings but my fave is the one on the cardboard! very creative and GREEN!

aninspiredpeace said...

Love the new painting! So cute that it has a great story too!

Anonymous said...

omg. Uh-maze-ing! Yay for blog posts. :) I need to make something crafty now.

That painting is fabulous. omg. so so cool. how funny is it that yours and Janel's pretty much were meant to be together. :)

I love your fall inspo wire too. so much fun. :) Yay for autumn. I totally have to work on my autumn playlist to play for like a month...haha.

<3 B

Tea said...

Hi! :D I just found your blog via you Flickr account, and it's sooo cute! :) Love your style, and your photos are amazing! :)