Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ok so I NEVER post in the morning. You're witnessing something extra special here. :]

Not a lot going on around these parts, but I know that this weekend is going to be "Do-whatever-i-want-to-do-because-i-can" weekend. :] Some things I have planned from Friday-Monday:

*catch up on Elsie's Autumn is Love class projects
*my darn Scrap Outside the Box layout. Go check out the latest CHALLENGE!
*thrifting on Saturday. 50% storewide at GOODWILL, baby!
*a photoshoot with my dear friend Jessica.
*scrap scrap scrapping!
*maybe making a few lovlies for the ole neglected Craftcake Designs shop!
*If I have time, re-designing blog and etsy banners as well.
*writing a Spanish paper

It will be a good weekend, indeed.
Has anyone ever been to the flickr group Wardrobe Remix!? Ok I know I've talked about it before, but I can't stress enough on how awesome it is! I get tons of wardrobe inspiration from that place. Here's my wardrobe remix shots from a few days ago:

white shirt=Old Navy
button down shirt=Wal-Mart... holla!
ring=handmade from a flea market
necklace=handmade by me a few nights ago
bag=vintage luggage

As you can see, I tried making some fun new necklaces for me the other night, but I just wasn't in the right mood. I made 2. Kind of liked one, and didn't like the other. I think I might tear it apart and start over. The one you see here is the one i KIND OF liked. Some days I feel it, some days, not so much. haha

I've been thinking a lot about doing a few more paintings for the etsy shop but my last ones I did didn't go over so well. I always take these things with a grain of salt, but I want people to love my paintings as much as I do!

I'm thinking of doing a few fall-inspired paintings on cardboard. Just some earthy recycled low profile paintings and posting them. What are your thoughts? I just hate when my paintings are orphaned for so long! haha

annnnnd a few wonderfuls from the last few days:
+This embroidery hoop album from tallynt. Courtesy of the Autumn is Love class!

+ thisssss:

+this Bonsai Party print on etsy:

Sorry I didn't have much to share today. I promise pictures and posts and inspirations this weekend. :]



ashleyrwatts said...

Hey...I love that necklace! lol That big wooden flower has my heart -- where in the world did you find it??

And oh.em.gee. I was just thinking the same thing about cardboard painting!!! I actually just snagged a huge box from work (full of kraft paper, too - double score!), lol Great minds think alike, huh? haha

tallynt said...

you are so so sweet!!! thank you so much for posting my little trailer hoop. I had so much fun making it and want to do embroidery all the time now.