Saturday, September 19, 2009

ghost baby

Ok so for those of you that don't know, my birthday is on Halloween, which makes me a HUGE fan of this holiday. omgomgomg I'm getting SOOOO ready for Halloween! Not just because its my birthday, I just love it.

So I might have ACCIDENTALLY gone on etsy and started finding cutie Halloween inspired things that I want. haha I think I'll share them with you!

+mustache disguises!

+fall feather headband

+play sugar cookies!

+Eco Cowl

+paper tea light set

+bunny candy corn! haha

+fall pumpkin bracelet

+coffee cozy

+pumpkin beret pattern!

+Pumpkin Patch Moss Terrarium

+pumpkin pie necklace

+Pinecone jersey scarf


Oh and plussss check out a few of the ADORABLE cards I got at Target yesterday:

I just loved the artwork and had to get them. Got a few more too. I'm a Halloween FOOL this week.
What's got you ticking?

soooo I'm going to have peeks for you of the things I'm working on this weekend if it KILLS me! I want to have proof that I've been being creative. haha

<3 to all


Anonymous said...

hooray for fall!!! this is delightful and makes me want to get out my fall's not too early, right? thank you for featuring my bracelet! :)

Amber Zimmerman said...

OOOhhhh how I love fall! What great finds. My fave are the pumpkin terrarium, the fall bracelet and the monsters. Love the cards too. My bday is Oct. 16th, so I have always been a huge fan of Halloween and anything fall too! I'm setting up my fall decor this weekend. =)

amy lapi said...

so yummy! those cookies look amazing.

welshgrl2 said...

Pumpkin Pie Necklace!!! Awesome. : )