Sunday, July 26, 2009


So my girl Bekah and I decided to do a little wardrobe challenge this week. lol It's not really a challenge as much as a fun little thing to do before back to school. <333

We're each taking photos of our outfits each day this week and posting them on our blogs! yessss. So this will be quite fun I think. Here's me today:

(click to see larger)

Just getting things done around the house, then going out with a co-worker.
shirt=Old Navy
jeans=Faded Glory
ring=got at a festival

So I'm excited to be able to post them the rest of the week! I might also be posting some fashion inspirations as I go too. So head on over to Bekah's blog and check out her threads!
What's in your wardrobe lately? Who are your fashion icons? I want to see! Gimme some outfit inspiration please!

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ashleyrwatts said...

Lookin' nice! ...and have you lost weight??

Gosh, I keep seeing that wardrobe remix group on flickr...and I want to do this so bad...but I really need to lose some weight/go shopping (like I need more excuses, huh? :P) before I show my mug haha!