Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm back for today's outfit! <3

working at the thrift store and some quick shopping.

dress=Pink Rose (thrifted)
leggings=No Boundaries
bow=made by me
ring=handmade from a festival

you'll find that I shop at really cheap stores all the time hahaha. Like:Wal-Mart, Target, thrift stores, etc. haha
Ok here are some of my fave outfits lately from Wardrobe Remix which is one of personal favorite groups on flickr:

people are just so darn cute. I need to find some awesome back to school clothes too. I desperately want these:

omgomgomg i want them. haha

alright. <3 'sssssss

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Anonymous said...

omg. so freakin' cute. I am so wanting some new TOMS. I don't really get to have Back to School clothes. I have had to buy some things though for work and casual wear as part of the bekah can't fit into these old clothes because they look ridiculous project. I have spent way too much money...eek! I'm posting mine soon...

<3 B