Monday, June 8, 2009


Soooo i think I forgot to share with the world the wonderfulness that is my new job. I was texting Bekah today and realized i HADN"T EVEN BRAGGED about it yet! I recently got a job at a THRIFT STORE in my boyfriend's town called the Attic Window Warehouse, so I've been living at his house off and on while I'm working! Ian works in the back bringing out heavy furniture items and I work on sorting what comes in and the register. I also set things out. I'm thinking I should take some pics of work soon.

BUTTTTT for those of you who always thought it would be awesome to work in a thrift store.... you were absolutely RIGHT! The best part is that employees get 50% off of everything in the store! All clothing items are $1.00 so I can get skirts, dresses, tops, shoes, ANYTHING for .50! I'm in heaven. Today I was in the sorting room, what Debbie calls "the front lines", and I reserved some FANTASTIC things and bought them at the end of the day. Today i got: a cotton dress, a skirt, a tank top, some vintage pins (one of which is a fabulous turquoise bow pin!), a cabochon pendant, a pair of shoes, a sewing pattern, and 2 bags for just $4.00!!! omgomgomg its such a magical job, and totally inspiring.

I have a long list of lovliness I'm going to be searching for this summer and I'm eager to see what other treasures come to me.

ALSO! I've been knitting! I learned to cable knit which is something I never thought I would be able to do. I've been knitting cute little cuffs, a sleeve for my bottled water, and some other little fun surprises. It's such a relaxing, rewarding, hobby. although... i think we all know that i love a hobby where you can wear the end result. :] there's so many possibilities.

kkkk. I'm out! back SOON!


Jocelyn said...

How awesome is this!!!!! Love all the goodies and then 50% off to!!! Can I come and work with you!!! Have a great day!)

Bekah said...

eeeeeekk!!! OMG. So freakin' cute! I miss you, but I am so glad you got a job at the thrift store...

<3 B

crystal ball said...

I'm in love with the style of those finds, lucky girl :)