Sunday, June 14, 2009

be back soon: exploring

Sundae love:

first and foremost, check out this lovely little giveaway gem on 20 STAMPS LATER. You will be delighted to see what its all about!!! ;]

1. new drawing book:

2. new books for me. lovelovelove
one that's changing my outlook on everything and affirming everything i believe in all at once:

found here
and a few more I ordered offline:


and here

3. adventures
to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky.

they even had original Penguin Art. I was in love. :]

4.inspired by and loving these:

oak leaf fanny pack

Knitty, knitty

floret printed flats

Kim's new scrapbook

most beautiful darling

Els' newest loft pics

(source unknown)

these past few days have been very very good. Right now I'm just trying to regroup before work comes on Wednesday and try and fill myself up with inspiration. Also... I want to read tomorrow. ALL day long. finishing The Golden Compass and continuing Eat, Pray, Love.

hook me up with some magical things. :] i need creative wisdom this week.
love to all


Mollie said...

You went to the Newport Aquarium??! If I got up right now and walked out the door, I could be there in like, twenty minutes! lol Too cool :)

Amber Zimmerman said...

That Dr. Pepper quote is hilarious!! I have the explorer book on my wishlist on Amazon. . .you'll have to tell me how you like it. Okay. . .if you need inspo - check THIS out. . .you will drool for her work! I found it blog hopping this week too. . .
Love your new blog banner! =)

Taylorr said...

Its been forever since i have commented on your blog!
You inspire me like crazy,
Lovelovelove your handwritting and the penguin art, how cool is that!