Thursday, June 25, 2009

new project: join me, won't you?

Welcome to my new project: Explorer in Training. :] I've been immersed in this project for a few weeks now and I'm loving loving the way it makes me feel. :] I encourage everyone to embark on their own Explorer in Training adventure and roll with it. You'll love the way you feel! Please let me know if you decide to do it for yourself. :] link me UP! (maybe i'll make a flickr group... )

the new flickr group where you can join and add any photos is here!

I've been observing more carefully pretty much every aspect of my life: documenting every location, every place i go whether it's to the bookstore or to a place I've never been before... I've been seizing opportunities, loving life, and photographing and drawing everything I can. thank you world.

I'm loving life right now. seriously, you don't even know. I hope that this inspires you to come along with me and experience Explorer in Training.
because we love life.
and documenting it is the LEAST we can do.
we might never understand it fully, but this might be an excellent try.
so let's roll.

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Mollie said...

this is flippin awesome... Just so you know... I'll def. be tuning in... and continue to be inspired by you and all of your amazing photos and blogposts.