Tuesday, June 16, 2009


this is my new word for the summer. Explore my surroundings. explore the unknown. explore the ordinary. explore even when I'm standing still. I think it will help make my mundane workdays more exciting and thrilling.

You guys should head on over to Scrap Outside the Box and check the newest challenge! CLOTHING TAGS! love it. I'm going to say that my DT girls never fail to make me jealous. haha
Here's what I busted out a few days ago! It's a work in progress and not yet bound but I'm loving the creative mood it's put me in lately. So sunny and wonderful.

I also made this little guy this afternoon while listening to Harry Potter book on tape. (I've read it a million times, but Ian has been wanting to listen to it and i love it, so... haha) I just thought this tied in nicely with my new word for the summer. I'm going to tuck it in my moleskine (Drawing Book No. 3) as a reminder I think.

some untraditional materials include cardboard, plastic packaging, confetti, and masking tape)

This is the masking tape I used! I got my happy tape in the mail WEEKS ago and am JUST NOW blogging about it!? what's this about!? It's soooooo amazing. I got it here and am 100% completely positively satisfied and I want more. for sure. I want other color combinations. Mmmmmm

This lifelong book fetish is getting out of hand I think. I bought Along for the Ride and Peter Pan over the past few days. I really need to get a move on reading both of those.

Another new obsession? GOODREADS.COM!

so if you have an account, ADD ME AS A FRIEND!!! yay. love*love

alrighty. well there's the post I promised. <3 i hope you're all inspired and working away on something wonderful. What's inspiring you lately? tell me. :]


sage said...

i love good reads... i need more friends!

found paper co. said...

I've been trying to hold off purchasing some of the happy tape, but your post just added it back to the wish list! It looks simply lovely.

Mallory Phillipy said...

ahhh good reads is amazing, and i'm adding you right now.

Miss Wanderlust said...

WoW!! I love that making tape!!! you are always so creative and cute!