Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is anyone out there!?

Today's the day of the big miniature wedding anniversary party I've helped plan! I haven't talked much about it because its been slightly stressful, but all is about to come to a culmination! I did the video montage and decorated the 3-tier cake. <3 bet you all didn't know i did wedding cakes, did you!? :]

today is accompanied by more inspiration pics. I PROMISE I'm going to do a layout or some sort of project and share SOON! After this party's over, I'm going to be doing more knitting and scrapping!

this dress pattern that my Mom is going to make for me. Omg I'm so excited.

Elise Blaha's awesome assortment of letterpressed cards!


Buddy Holly. swoon at the original wearer of the nerd glasses. <3

what about the 24 hour blog party by Els!? ooooo how exciting!

I've been on a clothes kick again lately. Well....I'm always on a clothes kick. lol
new polyvore:

the colors I've been wearing as of late: <3

Last night I FINALLY tried the ever-popular Captain Crunch frap last night. I must admit that it tasted exactly like Captain Crunch. *wonderfuls*

welllll off to a day of photography, cake, and relief. more soon lovlies!

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Anonymous said...

I'm out here!!! Yes, yes, yes! and eagerly awaiting new crafting projects! I miss your face! the end.

<3 B