Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HUGE time waster

That's what I'm being right now= a huge time waster. I have a quiz to study for tomorrow and here I am blogging. haha that shows where my loyalties and priorities lie. haha ANYWAY. I feel bad that I've only done a list format or a video post lately, but i just want to get all my ideas out there in an orderly and timely fashion. :]

Basically the past week has been drama drama drama in my life. :[ school drama mostly. I have a lot of things due before SPring Break and I'm trying to get it all done and done well. haha. I got my paper written for photography, got my critique done today, and now I just have one more quiz to study for/take. Then its HOME FREE for me. :]

I have a lot of plans for my Spring Break at home:
1. go to an AMAZING scrap retreat with my sister. We're going to get SOOO much done and its going to be lovely.
2. photoshoots with Anna because I want to have some awesome material to use for my next project for class: Nature. I'm thinking...Tiger Lily in the woods by our house. yessss
3. yoga
4. art journaling
5. lunch with some peeps
6. relaxing
7. mass producing a few things for etsy.
8. tanning--->i know, i know its bad but i wear eye goggles, sunscreen, tanning lotion with SPF, and lipbalm.
9. maybe some spa time.
10. getting my nails done with my sis/cousin

Here are some things on my mind right now:
*Check out Kara's blog right now because she has my lovely SPONSORSHIP SLOT up right now on her sidebar!!!

I'm WAY excited. I'm thinking about maybe doing something similar to this for my blog, so if you're interested in something like that for your store/etsy, let me know. I also know that Scrap Outside the Box is still looking for shop sponsors for challenges!!! Check that out too.

*still not really any layouts to share. :[ i know its sad and upsetting but there's been NO TIME!!! I CAN, however, remind you that Craftcake Designs just had its HUGE update and there's tons and tons of cute spring items in the shop as we speak! One of my art eggs was featured on this blog today which is ├╝ber exciting!!!! :] yay.

*As many of you know, Elsie Blaha got ENGAGED a few days ago! How crazy awesome is that!? Head on over there to leave her some love and congratulate her!!!

*I don't know how many of you watch, but the Bachelor finale the other night just killed me! He CHOSE MOLLY!!!! WOw I was shocked and I really really wanted him to be with Melissa and their engagement was so cute too. But...if you don't love someone, its the right thing to do. Did anyone else watch!?

*I'm thinking about doing a blog soonish about fashion because I've been very clothes and accessory conscious lately. Also, there have been some comments about my wardrobe that have prompted me to want to blog about it! Look for that coming soon with lots of fun wearable inspiration. haha.

*Check THIS out. I'm loving the photography going on here. Very inspiring and the clothes are Mmm MMm good of course.

*Also, girls, don't forget that RVA is having an update coming up on Monday! I've seen some things that i really love so far!

Oh i just love aprons. I don't really own any. Maybe its a good time to start? Hmmm.

*Check out what my Dixie Love Bekah sent me! Some awesome happy mail!!!!! Oh how I love her, so :]

*I also ended up buying this the other night at 3 AM after much debate but my cute side won out:

I got it here on etsy. I don't think she has anything up right now, but hopefully more cuteness will return soon!

*I think I will be posting flickr faves later on today maybe If i have time. Because I have TONS of cute things bookmarked that I want to share. :]



Bekah said...

bahahahahaah. Me too. It's taking forever to print out the slides that I need to look over to take my test for Art History, so I'm playing online and all that fun stuff while they're printing...40 pages of slides alone....then the study guide and all of they key terms...:] craziness.

I've been super inspired here by fashion lately too. I wish I could wear all of the fun to work. Then, my day wold be complete. :] haha. It's complete even so. I live for the evenings and weekends...haha.

I'm going to punch meanie heads in the face that make comments aout your fun style...:]

<3 B

Mollie said...

yay! I can't wait for spring either! :)

p.s. I finally put my video blog up haha

Mollie said...

p.s.s. email me your address!

Mollie said...

p.s.s.s. I wanted your address because I'm going to send some Jelly Bean Joint goodies! lol Not because I'm a crazy blog stalker. haha