Friday, February 20, 2009


happy happy FRIDAY! On my college campus there's a guy that rides around on a scooter wearing a cape and goggles screaming HAPPY FRIDAY! every. single. friday. we lovingly call him Happy Friday Guy and he's seriously a campus institution. :]]] He makes ME happy at least.

today there's kind of a lot to share. First off, Kara's class is going SO SO well. I mean... the amount of inspiration I'm getting from that class is CRAZY! I just feel like I'm really getting down to the heart of the matter and cranking out some quality art. Solid.

Some of the above projects include: my mini journal made out of recycled materials, pages from it, a postsecret prompt. One thing i love love love is that I'm completing one of my new year's resolutions to use up old stuff that I have lying around. It's GLORIOUS to know that I'm creating on a dime. lalala-dee-da.

Here's a few things on my addendum lately:

1.Considering this:

I really really want a new haircut because mine is very shapeless right now...but I don't want to take off a lot of the length you know? I don't know if this is EXACTLY what I want...but if anyone has cute short-->medium length styles that are edgy, let me know.

2.Drooling over this:

I found it online while searching for mermaid shirts. LOVE it. It can come in SO many different colors too. I looooove mermaids. in fact....

3.just bought this:

off of etsy. Madam Cupcake's site is seriously THE BOMB. I love all her purses and they're SOOOO cute and totes cheap. love love love.

4. pining after these:

omg, Coach. are you TRYING TO KILL ME!? I saw a girl with some coach high tops on the other day too, but i couldn't find the ones she has on the website so they might be old. But i looooove these white ones. I want them on my feet. now. lol

5. I want someone to make me THISSSSS:

If someone were to crochet/knit me this, we could have a TRADE! I could make them something like a personalized bookmark from my etsy or something and they could make me this headband. Because i love it soooo much but i don't crochet/knit at all. I love the bow so much that its ridiculous. The last thing i tried to knit looked like a fetus. SO. IF SOMEONE'S OUT THERE THAT WORKS WITH YARN AND THEY WANT TO MAKE THIS FOR ME (pattern included in link) WE COULD TOTALLY DO A TRADE AND I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

Aside from that, I've been slightly obsessed with Polyvore lately. When I got my account, i really didn't know what I would use it for, but I've been very into it lately. I think its b/c I'm on a HUGE fashion kick right now. <3 it. Here's my latest creation:

Loving teals right now. Mmmm. and aquas.

Speaking of loving, here's some recent faves:
*The Periodic Table SO much fun. :]
*my moccasins. omg <3
*messy in I don't brush it, put it in a headband and go.
*the library
*Coach ...sadly. haha But a LITTLE out of my price range.
*Princess-like things
*GLASSES! i looooove those violet ones. (*side note= you know, there's a BIG difference between purple and violet i think that people fail to recognize. purple is more blue and violet is more red. GEEZ. lol)
*jewel tones, as I've said before. wanting to go back to Target for more cardigans.

Also, one final note: thanks to the OVERWHELMING response of design-team interests, we're extending the deadline to submit an e-mail until Sunday night, so get them in! After that, Bekah and I will be making our final decisions about who will be on the design team and we will each post an announcement of the new team members hopefully on MONDAY! (if something crazy happens, then Tuesday but it SHOULD be Monday)

alright well I'm out until after the weekend! I'm heading home to my hometown to do some financial mumbo-jumbo and I'll be back in action Sunday night! Have a marvelous weekend, blogland!



shaina said...

okay girl...totally in love with everything you've been creating for kara's class. keep it up!! <3

i say go for the hair cut! i think you could totally pull it off. :D

i hope you got my e-mail about the design team. :D i'm so excited about it.

<3 ya!

Rose said...

hey just been looking at your flickrs for kara's class. wow, looks awesome. AND i love the newspaper page from the day you were born... super spesh :)

Kara said...

eeeek! i just love all your pretties, they are gorgeous!

that hairstyle is way cute! you could totally pull it off.

Miss Natz said...

My hair is pretty much the same style and colour as that picture but with a fringe (bangs).

Love your creations and I'm a Coach lover too, quite glad they don't have it in the UK, otherwise I'll be broke!

Beth Perry said...

I sooo think you should get your hair cut like that! It is awesome!

Cherry Runway said...

What class are you taking besides Elsie and Rachel's? That journal is awesome!!

Heather said...

ooooh. love that book! i like the muted colors. mmmmmm. cute!

i have a question for you. how did you change the labels to the sections of your blog? is it easy to do? i know a little html. if its complicated, don't worry about it!

hope you're having a good week!

Heather said...

you mean you couldn't decipher my message?? lol. sorry!! what i meant to say is: the sections like "this is me", "challenges", "i make stuff" how do you change it from being just plain blogger text to the cute design you have? like, where in template do you change that? i hope that made more sense!! haha.

Heather said...

Yesssss. That is totally clear! Thank you for typing out those instructions. I really appreciate it! Now on to the designing... lol. Thanks!