Monday, February 16, 2009

check its and DT call! has been a good day. A good day full of bad decisions on my part. haha. I didn't spend as much time studying as i should have, i ate bad foods, spent too much time on other random things and time on the internet. it's funny, but kind of disappointing at the same time. haha

I came to my blog today to remind you that. Scrap Outside the Box is seriously amazing. Get your cute little butt on over there. There's a prompt up each time about a different untraditional item to use on your layouts! Also...and i KNOW that you all will be interested in this... we're currently having a...

We're looking for some FANTASTIC SPUNKY COLORFUL girls full of PERSONALITY to be a part of our lovely little design team! If you've never been on a DT and want to try something a little different and important, please email ME at with some sample layouts or a link to your blog and a little about yourself! Bekah and I are really exciting about expanding our site, making it inspirational and awesome for people to participate in, and we want a bigger team. So PLEASE PLEASE email me! Don't be shy! We want to see what you got! :] can't wait to hear from you!

Here's MY layout for the latest challenge on painter's tape! I decided to gesso over mine to give the page some dimension and texture!

(Love Elsie paper, painter's tape, gesso, Love Elsie chipboard buttons, Elsie Flannigan original PDF patters, colored pencil, Sharpie bold tip, black ink, date stamp, woodgrain contact paper)

Here's another fun little art journal layout from this weekend. I'll tell you... its SOO nice to just sit down with some supplies and just go to town with what I'm feeling. These pages just really gather my simplest form of thoughts and its magnificent.

(Love Elsie paper, catalog image from Free People, random paper scraps, yellow paint swatch, woodgrain contact paper, fiesta felt button, Happy paper from Colorbök, paper studio sticker letters, Sharpie fine tip)

here's another shot of my new lovely MOCCASINS from my lovelier boyfriend. :]

oh! One more thing, I'm not sure when the new challenge will be posted since i thought it was today, but as soon as the new prompt goes up for The Art is Found, get on over there and check it out because MY ETSY SHOP IS SPONSORING this time! Craftcake Designs is providing a sweet and magical journal set for the prize of the challenge!

ok. So here are your assignments:
*be creative
*check out TAIF
*play along with Scrap Outside the Box
*email me about being on the DESIGN TEAM!!!
*live lovely. :]


Genevieve said...

Hmm, sounds interesting, I may have to send you along a little email ;)

shaina said...

oooo, i'm SO EXCITED about this design team! i e-mailed you this afternoon. i hope you got it!

thanks for this opportunity.
<3 the blog!

danilouwho said...

Moccasins are the BEST. ever.

and that magical layout is just amazing. seriously, love it.