Saturday, February 14, 2009

cherry suckers and pink cupcakes

I'm at work right now and I really should be doing JUST that--working. But for serious? 8 PM to midnight on VALENTINE'S DAY?! You must be crazy if I'm gonig to sit here and do WORK. haha Plussss guess what. I had a photoshopped Valentine for my blogland lovlies all ready to go and guess where it is... on my laptop upstairs. DARN IT!!! There's a possibility that I'll post it tomorrow but i'll feel really bad that its late. :[

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I've put together some very valentiny stuff for you to cast your eyes on...although my guess is that you won't look at this until after Valentine's Day. haha ah well.

First off, i FINALLY got my boyfriend's Valentine's present DONE DONE DONE 2 nights ago but have just gotten around to posting it. I made him a little book very similar to this one that i LOVE.That's where I got the idea.

I used a lot of envelopes to tuck notes and surprises into. I also just used stuff I had laying aroun. Repurposed a lot of things, some non-traditional items, etc. Needless to say, he LOVED it! He liked the book more than the money i tucked in it for video games. :] it made me really happy.

On the flip side, what he got ME was awesome too! He made me a painting, which i will most definitely post pictures of at a later date, a Hannah Montana case for my nintendo ds, and THESE!!!!!! CORAL MOCCASINS FROM TARGET!!!

Oh I'm in LOVE! (with him AND the shoes. haha) He knew i wanted these and he surprised me with them! They're SO comfortable too which is a huge plus. I love love love them so much. :] He's the best boyfriend ever. <3

I've been OBSESSED with Target lately, speaking of which. Oh totally. I bought new clothes for my interview on Friday:

and found a few other things that i think i need to go back and buy sometime soon:

I've found out the past few days that I'm very very obsessed with jewel tones lately. I've gone through some pretty serious pastel and earth tone phases, but right now is DEFINITELY a jewel tone phase. find it all on!

Something I'm looking forward to very very soon is the start of Kara's Life Story Class!!! omg I'm TOTALLY stoked! I got my confirmation e-mail the other day and got excited all over again. It's going to be some magical, gesso-y splendidness.

:]]] it makes me so happy to think about painting and making boxes and taking yummy photos. yessssss. go check it out. I think sign up deadline is MONDAY!

Here's some extra fun Valentine's eye candy to top off this lovely day:
from Elsie*cake:

Rachel Denbow:

Kara Haupt:

perpetualbliss on flickr:

lifelovepaper on flickr:

wildolive on flikr:

*check out my flickr photostream for more fun pics and sketch journal page updates.
*check out my etsy shop for all my fun leftover Valentine's goodness and new FELT BOOKMARKS!!!
*i know I've been lacking in creativity lately and awesome posts and I'm sorry about that. BUT i know that i will be posting more fun things in the coming weeks because i'll have more time hopefully, I'm taking Kara's class, and I plan on doing more art journaling!!!

ooooo i love me some v-day. <3 <3 <3 I loooooooooooove you Ian Zachary Davis!!!


Mollie said...

You are so cute! I love your valentines book, that was too sweet! I love reading your blog! We gotta do our video blogs together again! I gotta tidy up my scrap space before I do that though. haha

Vee said...

love your fun polaroids! :) is the cutest! :)