Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy busy bee*

How DARE I not post all week pretty much! :[ I'm disappointed in my blogging habits lately. SERIOUSLY. Here's the thing though... i made another video post for you guys and it got erased somehow and i was too irritated to re-record it. hahaha.

ANYWAY I've actually I've gotten A LOT done this week! Crazy!

I made this at work the other night. It's a sketch I've had on the brain for a few weeks now and i just HAD to get it down on canvas. Turns out, i love it. It's very meaningful to me. The french means: "Hold on to your dream."


Got all the ribbons organized and regrouped. Lovely.

Received gifts:

Ian carved this out of wood for me which I ADORE! It's so kitschy. Hint hint: watch out for some of these and another design going up in Craftcake Designs on Sunday! *wink wink*

Challenged myself:

for the latest TAIF challenge on LACE! I made this little beauty for my sister.I'm going to send it back to college with her after Spring Break. Anna--if you're reading this, I made this for YOUUUU!


These are of my friend Court for a photo project due next Wednesday. It was an "anything goes" project, so i wanted to do something soft, pretty, slightly blurry and blown out. Mmmm. they turned out fanTAStic. I'm glad they did after I spent over and hour putting up 50+ envelopes on our bathroom wall! haha She was amazing to shoot too. Loved it. SO much fun.


Go to my Flickr for credits. I love the soft light lately. Yessss.


And this is my big announcement for today: I'm having a HUGE Spring update on Sunday March 1, so PLEASE go check it out! I've been working hard lately on ideas and new fresh products! The update is going to center around spring wishes, secrets, and love. <3 I'll give you a few hints:
BAhahahaha. But seriously please please go check out Craftcake Designs tomorrow for a super sweet update that you're going to LOVE. I'm sooooo excited!

Plussss the Design Team Results are up at Scrap Outside the Box! Our new design team kicks major scrap butt so go check em out! I'm in love with our little group! haha.

I think that's about it for today! I'll probably post another one soon with more etsy update information and some other funness. Have a glorious Saturday and I hope at least some of you are spending it scrapping! I know this sat. AND next sat. are going to be create city because I'm going to a SCRAP RETREAT with my sister!

Until next time, my lovelies. :]


Nancy said...

Love the "dream" sketch! Oh, will it be in your Etsy tomorrow? Hope so!

Taylorr said...

Love those pictures!
Cute painting!

Heather said...

that is your best painting yet! it's really gorgeous. :] :] :]