Friday, January 30, 2009


Good morning! I'm up earlier than normal, so I thought a blog post was in order. I'm kind of on edge and frazzled today because I have a job interview. It was SUPPOSED to be at 8:30 AM this morning but GUESS WHAT...i had the alarm on my cell set for 6:59 AM in order to get ready and put on makeup and stuff. Well i woke up on my own for some reason, looked down at the phone and it was 8:34 AM and i FREAKED out. I tried to open my phone to call someone but the screen was black and everything was frozen. The buttons wouldn't work or anything. My alarm didn't go off because my cell phone was fried. No idea WHAT happened. So I ran into my boyfriend's dorm and I was crying and histerical and what not. He dialed the number to the office where i was supposed to be and handed me the phone. So I'm talking to the secretary bawling my eyes out going on and on about how I'm irresponsible and how I was going to be late and all this and she just calmly rescheduled me for 2:30 PM and i was still a mess and freaked out and all this. It was a HUGE dilemma. I seriously was beside myself because this is SUCH an important job interview and I needed everything to go well.

I hope rescheduling doesn't look bad to them because if they judge me at ALL based on my hysterics on the phone, i will not get this job or any other job on the planet. I think everything will be ok though. It just freaks me out because my phone alarm ALWAYS works. I've never ever ever had a problem until today. Sigh.

Well wish me luck for later. This is my fun interview outfit!:

I hope I can make a good impression to make up for this morning!

When life hands you dilemmas, make dilemmanande. :]


Anonymous said...

your breakfast looks so yummy

good luck girl!!!!

kimi said...

Oh my gosh...isn't that the worst feeling ever. When you look at your clock and it is way later than you were suppose to get up. Hopefully your interview at 2:30 worked out!! Cute outfit too!!

Heather said...

OH NO!!! That totally sucks. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Just be confident when going in there! And don't worry, that stuff happens all the time. My cell phone died during the middle of a phone interview. It's just life. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elaine,
You are awesome! I hope everything went well in your interview!

The end.

<3 B

Rhi said...

thats like, my nightmare.
i hope the interview went well though!