Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Legendary February 1

Good morning blogland. It's very early and I'm very excited! because guess what today is!!!!!!

I'm very very very ready to get on the website and buy some things! One thing i really really want is the unicorn project kit. mmm.

How lovely. <3

The interview went well for all who are wondering. It was a group interview so it was kinda weird, but you know. gotta do it! I'm applying for a job as Freshman Orientation Leader this summer and am super excited about it! I think its going to be such a great experience if i end up getting the job! I love the way it makes me feel to know that i might be helping out the incoming freshman! I'm such a positive person and I'm looking forward to my personal interview *maybe* so i can talk to the interviewers one on one!

Today I haven't really done much in the avenue of art. It's been mostly about homework, but that's ok too. gotta stay on top of things. Last night I made something for the etsy shop and I'm really excited about it! It's so magical. I made a journal set including a handmade spiral-bound journal, bookmark, and book log all hand painted as well. It's lovely.

some pages from my inspiration book----->

i love to just paste and paste and not worry about esthetics. haha

pictures from this weekend----->

ian's working on his very first film for telecommunications and I got to be in it which was really fun and new. :] My room is destroyed with studio lights and moved furniture and camera equipment. Argh.

I really really want everyone to remember that Scrap Outside the Box just had their first challenge! We didn't have that great of a turnout the first time around, but that just means that we can do a few things different next time! Check it out if you have a chance. We're going to have a new challenge coming up sometime soon too, so if you missed it this time, you can catch it the next time around! Also, if you have an etsy shop and are interested in sponsoring a challenge for Scrap Outside the Box, please let me know!

and now for some current faves this week:
*Dorothea Lange
*Eat, Pray, Love
*Audrey Hepburn
*lace. yessss.
*Drenched in White
*the idea of travel
*coral pink and light blue :]
*my 5 Year Diary
*Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
*carrots and ranch dip
*Oscar Wilde's fairy tales
*the pouf and ponytail hair-do
*Keep Strong & Carry On


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