Thursday, January 29, 2009

pastel colors*and*new words

After a nice break off yesterday (SNOW DAY!) I've come with some photos. Not much to report really...just a few things here and there but a LOT of pictures.

First of all, at LONG LAST I changed out my cork board and Inspiration Wire! Took me forever, but finally got it. Here's what my old one looked like until a few days ago:

And heeeeeerrrrreeeeee's the brand spankin NEW one!

elements from the new wire include (from left to right): a French brochure, paper apron spread from the Winter Somerset Studios magazine, cupcake gift tag from a gift from my sister, Basic Grey packaging, picture of my boyfriend, color copy of Tokyo print from Drenched in White Etsy Shop, old art journal layout, picture of Audrey Hepburn and her baby fawn Ip, letterpress print from Enjoy Design Etsy Shop, chipboard letter E, Dior perfume adveritsement, flower embellishment from Paper Studio, and a color copy of the cover of Eat, Pray, Love.

I also finished my new cork board. Here's the "before:"

and here's the "after:"

I used a lot of the same things on this board because i just couldn't part with them. But a few things included are a starfish, magazine quotes, clipping from Living magazine, buttons, clipping from vintage American Girl magazine, photos, starbucks drink sleeve, color copies from my little red Inspi(red) book, ribbon, yarn, medals from crafty olympics, Toast catalog page, packaging, and a Page Maps card. <3

Here's something that my boyfriend carved for me for part of my Christmas which I think is adorable:

it's carved from wood, painted, and he wrote a sweet message on the back. I love how he included my favorites: cupcakes, "create," pink, and yellow. :]

During my snow day yesterday, this is what I spent my time doing: painting! My roommate Rachel and I are entering a door decorating contest in our dorm. We decided together to do an Alice in Wonderland theme since we love it so much. It turned out RIDICULOUSLY awesome. She DREW all of those characters and letters freehand just by looking at a picture online. It blew my mind seriously. We both painted, cut things out, and DECORATED!

It turned out SO cool. There are hedgehogs at the bottom of the door too, but you can't see them in this pic. We love it so much! Wish us luck because the judging is on Monday night. (I'll keep you posted!)

Plusssss some sketches of course.

and a peek into my brilliant new 5 year diary inspired by Elise Blaha! It's seriously SO cool and I love it and its magical and...yeah.

One more thing: ALthough it's not a shop at all right now, my boyfriend is starting his Etsy Shop soon called Ian's Ideas. He's in the vintage comics business, so if you know someone who's a collector or if you just need some awesome paste-ables for your art journal layouts, check it out in the coming week! It's going to be awesome!

I know this wasn't much of a post...but i'll be back to making more layouts soon. I'm still getting out of this funk. I have a summer job interview tomorrow morning and I'm very nervous about it, so until then, I'm at a stand-still. Please wish me luck! I'll keep you posted on that too! <3


paper-art said...

I really love your sketch!!! these are so stunning!!! great job
thanks for sharing the picture of the 5 years books!!!

big kiss

Jamie said...

Thanks for all the inspiration!!!
Your door is AMAZING!!!! If you girls don't win, something is seriously wrong with the judges!!! I love how you added the cards hanging in front of it! Awesome!!!

Rose said...

love those inspo wires... and corkboard. i have a HUGE pile of lovely things but just never get round to displaying them. thanks for the inspiration :)