Saturday, January 17, 2009


Backkk finally! I got out of the hospital on Wednesday evening and have been taking it easy the past few days and I still am. I got a final diagnosis that I have something called Colitis. It's a condition I'll always have which really stinks and is NOT good news, but I'm dealing with it and life goes on! I need to get back to things that make me happy and calm like creating, so here goes nothin. I want to thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. They really meant a lot to me when I was really sick. It was nice seeing your comments. I also want to thank my Mom and Dad for taking SUCH good care of me this past week. I miss them already and I'm not yet ready to be back here at school without them. :[

Well on to happier things for now. My Christmas Vacation was really very nice. Just sitting at home, no obligations, just creating and spending time with the fam. Here's a few art journal layouts that I made while I was home for the holidays:

I'm really getting more and more into the art journaling thing. It's just so much quicker and much more free and sloppy and i love it so much. I think I'm going to be doing a LOT more of that this coming year in 2009.

Speaking of 2009, I never really got the chance to greet the new year. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and do a "Highlights for 2008 Review" but I honestly thought that would take too long because there were so many good things, so I decided to compile a quick list of things I'm looking forward to in the next year:

*getting more healthy wether I like it or not
*using up some of my existing scrapping stuff
*pumping up the etsy
*working it out
*Kicking some butt and taking names
*creating and making art for my new life
*a new job
*maybe taking a few more online art classes
*going out with my friends eventually now that we're all 21
*my friend Amy's wedding

I think that's a much better representation of how I'm feeling about the new year. Check out my Listography for more lists on things I want to accomplish this year, craft projects I've been waiting to do, etc.

Another fun thing that I wanted to share is my new GLASSES! I think they're nerdtastic and amazing. They make me feel smart and nerdy and trendy all at once. :]

By the way: the bear that you see in the photo is the Build-A-Bear that my boyfriend took me to make for Christmas. The bear's name is Marshall and he's so special to me :]

Plus here's some decoration additions to my room that I didn't have time to share before break. :] All of these were made or thrifted in one day. Mostly thrifted.

I'm really proud of how it turned out and I love looking at it. The thing I really wanted was an old retro lunch tray, but I couldn't find one like I wanted so I settled for an 80s looking silverware tray. I like it too.

Here's some things that I'm currently loving at the mo:

*Burts Bees Milk and Shey Butter Body Wash
*plastic charms
*making my own accessories
*my new Nintendo DS
*Build-a-Bear Workshop
*The Bachelor
*my Mom's sugar and almond icing Valentine's cookies
*Somerset Studio
*Hambly Studios DIY Rub Ons

Just some stuff for you to check out. :]
here's a few craftings coming in the near future that I'm looking forward to:

*sharing pictures of my new Zutter from Bind-it-All.
*possibly taking Miss Kara's new online art class.
*The coming opening of Red Velvet Art!
*soonish trips to Hobby Lobby to get new supplies for etsy shop creations.
*making more and more fun bows and headbands. :]

ALso, before I go, I just wanted to tell everyone something EXCITING! This year I'm taking part in a new Challenge Blog called Scrap Outside the Box! This Little Lady and I are the design team members so far and I think its going to be a LOT of fun! Due to the hospital deal-eee-oh, I wasn't able to contribute to the first little challenge, but everything will be in full swing soon!

We're starting off with some challenges based on items you can find around the house! There's a prize package in for the winner! Pretty soon, we'll have the blog decorated and even MORE ready for some serious inspo action! If you have an etsy shop and are interested in some sa-weet advertisement, you might consider getting in contact with me about sponsoring a challenge! Just let me know!

Alright well I think that's about all for now. I know it was long, but there was a lot of fun things to cover and some feelings I needed to get out! I miss blogging so much! Can't wait to keep the inspiration comin!


Bekah said...

omg. Those glasses are adorable!!!!!! <3 I'm supposed to wear glasses.......Haven't done that in years..... ;] I'm glad you're getting better. I'm still praying for a speedy recovery for you. I'm so glad you posted again. It made me smile!

<3 B

Bekah said...

BTW, how cool is that listography!!!! omg!