Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alrighty people.

I know I've been absent! Ahhhhh its seriously killing me. I can't wait to give you a stellar update, seriously! man oh man.

Truth is, I had Christmas Break with no internet love. Boo on house with no internet.
Then, on top of that, I'm in the hospital.

Yeah. I went to the ER on Sunday morning at like 5 AM and have been here ever since. I had complications with my colon and its just been a grand ole time (NOT). Luckily, they did a colonoscopy (they go inside my colon with a camera and check it out) and didn't find anything! YAY! No news is good news! haha. So since the stabbing pain in my side is FINALLY gone, I think i'll get to go home soonish.

Probably either today *hopefully* or tomorrow. I'm on a clear liquid diet which means no solid foods. If you can see through it, that probably means I can have it. I haven't eaten anything substantial since Friday at 10 PM when I had that grilled cheese. I went without ANYTHING to eat or drink for like 36 hours...THAT was fun. NOT. hahhahaha.

Basically I'm still sitting here in my hospital bed and ready to go home! AH!
I just wanted to keep you updated on why I haven't updated. :] The etsy and blog will hopefully be in full swing again by this weekend!

I miss you all!


sami jo. said...

i am so glad you are okay.
miserable, but okay.
and i can't wait for you to come back. so i can see your smiling face again!

life_love_art said...

I had no idea!!!
I'm really glad that you're starting to feel better, and I hope you're back in full swing very soon!

Gayle said...

so happy you're back! i hope you're feeling much better!