Thursday, December 4, 2008

waiting on something to happen.

you wanna know what I got done today? A whole lot of nothing.
*barely any homework
*my embroidery project was a disaster
*i sat around after work and was unproductive
*the library ended up taking forever
*watched shows and movies all night
*December Daily isn't finished because it wasn't working how i wanted it

i think i was just generally lazy today. just one of those days. it's ok. Of course you'd never know this if you took a peek into my planner. lol

its jammed with stuff to do this week.

Here's a sneak from my latest December Daily page in process. I'm finally getting to play around with the GESSO!!! Thanks Heather for the awesome ideas with gesso!

I encourage everyone to try their own December Daily. You can find some awesome tutorials, tips and tricks from Ali Edwards here.

I have some freebie stuff for you guys too that I've found and I wanted to share. Just browsing around I found a few free downloads that are pretty darn cute!

First there's this one that I found adorable. It's a free cute little ornament download from Mollie Johansen. :] adorable.

Also, I have this for you. Alicia Paulson! I was googling tea towel embroidery and came across this sweet set of printable patterns. What a gem.

Sorry this was so boring guys. ugh. not much goin on today. I'm sure after tomorrow I'll have more fun things to make and share. Tomorrow is the ALL DAY video chat with Elsie Flannigan in her craft studio for my online class so I'm pretty excited about that! Can I get a "YAY!" for making things!?

.....p.s. does anyone else ever wish they were 6 again? :]

Thanks Kimberly for the photo. :] your children are beautiful! They make me miss being small. :]

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Gayle said...

LoVe the Gesso! and the new layout! I had to buy more ink today so I can print pics for my daily december album, I hate being behind!