Sunday, November 9, 2008

without outside influences*

This weekend has been glorious so far my loves. I must say, having no homework has SPOILED me royally. This has never happened. *gasp* Scrapping all weekend long, lord almighty. haha Last night and today I got some pages done for my catching upness on Paper Adventure:08. I'm seriously getting there. I know its a lot to catch up on, but really I'm getting there. the list is smaller and smaller all the time.

I'll just list them in order, k?

Operation 39:Work
I took this Career pressure, associated feelings, etc. It was a good catharsis actually.

(single sheet paper, Colorbök xy&z large monograms, Paper Studio rub-ons, free people catalog, Sharpie fine tip, black dye ink, date stamp, word stickers)

Operation 40:Style
I struggled with this page, but it turned out ok.

(Making Memories paper, Anthropologie catalog, Making Memories pebble clip, paper flower, random paper scraps, Green pigment ink, clear stamps, black dye ink, date stamp, acrylic paint, ransom letter stickers, scrap yo yo from etsy purchase, flocked letter sticker, Sharpie fine tip, ribbon)

Operation 41:Worry

(Basic Grey Obscure paper, various black letter stickers, Target Dollar Spot adhesive chipboard letters, acrylic paint, rick rack, ribbon, masking tape, black dye ink, date stamp, Stayz-on black ink, clear stamps)

Operation 42:Layers
This was interesting because i had NO idea what I was going to do for this, so I just cleared my mind and figured i would see where a blank brown page took me. I adore the way it turned out. No outside influences is a great feeling. :]

(brown cardstock, acrylic paint, sewing machine stitching, random paper scraps, scallop edge scissors, Toast catalog, Sharpie fine tip, Sharpie bold tip, Hambly rub-ons, cloud printer paper, black dye ink, date stamp, clear stamps)

So in essence, its been productive and creative and amazingative. Mmmm.
ALSO!!!! I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's tonight and it was just...
more glorious than anything. Oh man i loved it. I just... feel like EVERY GIRL loves it, but still.

Holly Golightly is just so wonderfully wonderful. She's poor and living the new york life in a dumpy apartment and still glamorous. she has a blue jeweled eye mask and costume jewelry and sunglasses and elegant sloppiness.
oh please let me live that life. i want to improve my art and just live in the city and...

i was just blown away by her demeanor and lovliness. Mmmm. i need to start wearing my sunglasses at night again.
and inside.
because that's what i like to do.

I'm buying that movie the first chance i get, thank you very much.
Mmmm. yes.

and above all, she gets the guy. because he's perfect and wonderful too.
yes. yes to it all.

PLUSSSS teensy update in the Craftcake Designs shop! I've been shipping a lot of things overseas and its just been really really exciting for me! I'm also starting to branch out on the things I sell, like vintage stuff and paper makings and lovlies. Just check it out if you would, please dah-ling.

Side note= ELSIE"S ONLINE CLASS STARTS MONDAY! how fabulous is THAT? I can't wait to start posting the projects I make! Y'all will be the first to know because...because...
You guys are all my favies. :] have a good Sunday!


Bekah said...

Yay for no homework and etsy updates!

<3 B

kim brimhall said...

I loved every page! Truly:)


redoaklines said...

all of your pages turned out great! :)